Grass Valley: LiveTouch X

Grass Valley: LiveTouch X

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Grass Valley: LiveTouch X

Journal Article by Grass Valley

Tue 20, 12 2022

LiveTouch X provides the professional replay performance required for live events with ultra-low latency from anywhere on the planet. Clips can be marked from live feeds and sent to production or playout in under a second! Industry standard highlights organization by Page, Bank, and Slot with clip numbering makes UI simple to navigate, with highlights and playlists available at a single button press.

Whether the system is in the public cloud or on-prem, its performance remains the same. LiveTouch X supports multiple ingest and playout channels in any format: 2110, 2022-6, SDI, RTMP, NDI, and SRT. Operators can sign in from any internet browser or easily connect existing LiveTouch panels to the system. Grass Valley’s AMPP platform enables a familiar work environment with multi-viewers, flow monitors, and access to any input or output.

LiveTouch X helps operators stay on top of the action. Since it is Always in Record (AiR), it’s easy to quickly scrub back to the exact moment for mark in. Integration with Framelight X also makes it easy to automate clip delivery to other production team members for editing and re-use so replay can stay focused on the game.

Deploying LiveTouch X is simple. No large CAPEX investment is required – in fact, its base package is free – and system owners pay only for what they use, spinning up operators and custom feature sets as required for a specific production.

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