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High Quality Live Production in the LAN, over the WAN and into the Cloud using JPEG XS

Article from intoPIX

Fri 25, 06 2021

IP networking has revolutionized media contribution and distribution along with the SMPTE ST2022 and ST2110 standards which lie at the core of new live workflows, dematerialized facilities and cloud-based operation.

intoPIX offers essential transport solutions to the broadcast world and live production. Whether for transport in the LAN, over the WAN or to the CLOUD, JPEG XS simplifies transport at low cost, without any latency and on existing infrastructures.

As a broadcaster, you are no longer forced to use heavy and costly SDI cables. You can work easily and quickly with compressed flows without any impact on quality.

Transport of HD, 4K, 8K over SMPTE 2110 (-22) with TICO-XS enabling you to carry any video formats over IP with full flexibility and all the benefits of intoPIX solutions. JPEG XS is extending the network capacity to manage HD, 4K, 8K streams over IP (1G/10G/25G) keeping the lowest latency (down to a single millisecond) and a visually lossless quality.

The advantages of JPEG XS are numerous in live production

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