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How European businesses can thrive in a post-COVID world

White Paper from Telstra

Thu 11, 03 2021

The global pandemic fast-tracked large-scale digital transformation plans and taught businesses around the world a great deal about their agility and resilience. As the business community emerges from a period of survival and heads into thrive mode, there is an opportunity for introspection and renewed vigour of business and IT strategy.

That’s why Telstra commissioned independent market researcher, Vanson Bourne, to explore how companies across Europe managed digital transitions during the pandemic, and how they are leveraging technologies to succeed in a post-COVID world.

Our white paper, Agility in the new Digital Normal: How European businesses can thrive in a post-COVID world, offers insights such as:

  • How did companies fare amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and what can we learn?
  • What is the impact of the pandemic on digital strategy?
  • What was the security impact of a rapid digital transition and a remote workforce?
  • How optimistic are businesses as they shift from survival mode to growth, agility and innovation?

To learn more about how to prepare for a post-pandemic world, register via the links below and download the white paper.

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