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IABM and SatComms Innovation Group Webinar - Is there a future for satellite?

This session brings together experts from both the satellite and IP worlds. We discuss satellite’s place in the broadcasting chain and ask how satellite can remain relevant as broadcasters are looking for more cost-efficient video production, contribution, and distribution workflows.

The on demand event starts with a presentation on the state of the satellite market by the IABM's Head of Knowledge Lorenzo Zanni and includes a lively panel debate followed by a fireside chat focused on the strategies of satellite operators going forward. It also explores satellite’s future role as an enabler of next generation technology and what the satellite industry needs to do to step up.

IABM Satellite Webinar Speakers

IABM Media Tech Intelligence Briefing - State of Satellite
January 2021

IABM Media Tech Intelligence Briefings are data-driven snapshots of specific media industry trends, sectors, and technologies. IABM Media Tech Intelligence Briefings aim to provide a continuous flow of evidence-based market information to IABM members and Global Engaged Partners.