IABM Awards 2020 – Andrew Jones Young Person of the Year

IABM Awards 2020 – Andrew Jones Young Person of the Year


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IABM Awards 2020 – Andrew Jones Young Person of the Year

Mon 04, 01 2021

Aditya Panikker, Digigram

“Aditya joined Digigram in 2018 as a product and digital marketing intern, while simultaneously pursuing his Master’s degree. Over the last two years, he has donned many hats within Digigram, starting out by laying down the structure of Digigram’s social media presence, followed by working as a junior product manager and then finally taking over the responsibility to expand Digigram’s business in Eastern Europe, Middle-East and Africa last year. In a year, he has enabled the company to extend its presence within these regions by mobilizing and training a strong network of partners and distributors.

“Despite moving to France as a 21-year-old who did not speak the language or have any connections in the country, he was still able to find a place for himself through sheer passion for learning new skills and building new relationships. This tenacity to work against the odds, his ability to learn from everyone around him and his willingness to self-correct, convinced us to put our trust on him to handle such a multi-cultural region and we are glad we did. This is also the same reason behind nominating him for this award.”

“Aditya, within a year of taking over his new role, has reconnected Digigram with our contacts in the MEA region and established a very close relationship with them. Our partners in the region are now actively promoting and supporting Digigram more than they ever have before. In addition to engaging with our existing contacts, he has actively found new partners in different regions and motivated them to be enthusiastic about our brand and solutions. With extensive and elaborate product training, our partners are now confident in taking our solutions to markets beyond broadcast.

“He has incorporated the ‘think local, act global’ principle into his operations in the region and it has been showing great results so far. Apart from setting business targets and executing joint-prospection plans, he focuses a lot on building mutual trust and ensuring that Digigram’s brand is represented in the right manner: as a progressive, future-forward and approachable organization.”

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