Congratulations to our IABM Awards 2022 Winners

Andrew Jones Young Person of the Year

This award is named in honor of IABM friend and colleague Andrew Jones who we sadly lost in 2019. Andrew was IABM’s Head of Training and played a vital part in the development of our educational initiatives and fostering the next generation of talented people for our industry. The award recognizes someone new to the industry (under 25 years old) for their hard work, diligence and potential.

Megan McEwen

Technology Leader of the Year

This award recognizes a person who is at the forefront of disruption and innovation within the Broadcast and Media industry who, through inspired leadership, has helped to deliver ground-breaking technology and business benefits.

Chris Clarke

Broadcast/Media Company of the Year

This award recognizes and rewards broadcasters or media companies that have demonstrated throughout the year that they are at the forefront of creating and distributing ground-breaking content through innovation across the content chain. Mediatech suppliers are urged to nominate their customers for this award.

Environmental Sustainability

Like every industry, Broadcast and Media is accountable for its effects on our beautiful but fragile planet. But as companies increasingly label themselves “eco-friendly,” it can be tricky to identify the companies that are truly so and those that are merely jumping on the environmental bandwagon for “green marketing.” This award recognizes companies that have made real strides in reducing their and/or their customers’ carbon footprint.

Impact Award

The Impact Award celebrates a MediaTech company and/or its products or services that have made a significant impact for the greater good in a niche, local or global community.