Nominations for the 2022 BaM Awards will be open in September. Winners will be announced on 1 December 2022.

BaM Awards®

Independent Broadcast & Media industry awards that recognize and reward excellence and innovation across 10 categories

The IABM BaM Awards® recognize outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. The BaMs are the only truly independent technology awards in the industry, and are widely recognized as the gold standard for rewarding Broadcast and Media innovation.

Breaking away from outdated, hardware-centric industry models, the BaM Awards® categories are based on IABM’s industry model, the BaM Content Chain®: from Creator to Consumer. The BaM™ Content Chain describes the industry in the same way that broadcast and media companies themselves think, using the same terminology.

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2021 Winners:

EVS – XtraMotion

“Leveraging cloud processing and machine learning, XtraMotion is a new software application that enables the transformation of footage from any camera angle on a production into high-speed video using frame interpolation. As a result, productions can easily increase their super slow-motion coverage without any extra cost and without the need for additional hardware on-site.”

Mo-Sys – VP Pro XR

“High quality blending of real and virtual events. Great engineering solving real-world problems and helping adoption of new film-making techniques. Impressive results with this technology for future virtual productions. The future is here, now.”

Synchronized – Smart-AdBreaks

“Doing more with less – always a winner. Great to see an entry that’s linked to both revenue and a real-world customer. Great data-driven advertising solution and highlighting a collaboration with an end-user as well.”

Eluvio – Broadcast TV’s first major NFT endeavor: the Masked Singer on Fox

“This entry proves once again how Blockchain really is going to transform media and how we need to start preparing now for web 3.0.”

EON Media – Computer vision and real-time brand ROI for live broadcast and VOD content

“Great point solution that enables media businesses to gather more data for advertising measurement. An interesting and innovative solution – leveraging image recognition technology to deliver a new use case, supported by a case study.”

Worldcast – Tagit Interactive

“A compelling solution specific to radio, which makes a clear link between interactivity and data.”

Vizrt Group: Connecting the World with NDI®

“This submission stands out not just for being so well placed when broadcasting in Covid times, but also for the enormous opportunities ahead in terms of more climate-friendly remote production, and cameras (but not necessarily OBs) everywhere. NDI 5 is bringing the benefits of IP studio to the mass market with a very wide adoption; the Bridge product enables global connectivity.”

Quantiphi – AI-powered video de-duplication

“Very few media organizations get to implement new technology without having to negotiate legacy issues. Any library is built up over time, in different systems, for different purposes and managed in different ways. Utilizing AI to identify what is related and what the differences are, has untold benefits.”

Telos Alliance – Telos Infinity® Virtual Intercom Platform (VIP)

“Fills an important need. An innovative product that simplifies infrastructure costs and adds flexibility. What’s cool about this system is that it’s like also bring your own device, phone, PC etc; congratulations to the Telos Alliance team!”

Intel, Spin Digital, Globo – Powering the Olympic Games Tokyo live streaming in 8K, 60 fps, HDR over the open Internet

“The 2020 Olympics had been ambitiously trailed as 8K over many years but to stream this over the open Internet in 60 fps, 10-bit HDR was totally surprising – a groundbreaking achievement. The figures on the data handling are incredible.”

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2021 Winners

Technology leader of the year
Andy Beale – Head of Engineering and Innovation, BT Sport

Andy has been the Chief Engineer for BT Sport since its inception and has been pivotal in steering its rich history of innovation from industry-first launches of 4k, Dolby Atmos, AR, 360, and 8k. During the last year Andy has taken the lead in transforming how BT Sport and the industry has transitioned to live remote production. His key focus is using technology for good and his priorities have been driven by staff welfare and safety, well-being, accessibility, sustainability and enhancing creative options.

Best Broadcast or media company of the year
beIN Media Group

beIN Media produced outstanding coverage of Euro 2020 – the first major live sporting event since the March 2020 worldwide lockdown. It did this despite ongoing Covid restrictions and achieved almost 1 billion views across the MENA region, combining 15 hours of live daily studio coverage with expert analysis from local and international talent and 18 on-the-ground reporters in 11 European countries. All of this while continuing to broadcast the rest of beIN’s substantial summer of sports coverage – a fantastic achievement, especially considering the enormous difficulties caused by the pandemic.

Environmental sustainability company of the year

Blackbird is spearheading the critical issue of sustainability within the broadcast media and video industry. Blackbird’s cloud native production technology has been independently found to generate up to 91% less CO2 at source than on-prem and cloud-based workflows because it requires no special hardware or virtual machine, runs on any laptop, uses only 2Mbps bandwidth and, of course, eliminates travel to venues. Blackbird is delivering real, tangible environmental benefits to both its customers and the wider world.

Andrew Jones Young Person of the Year
Anna Matic

Anna Matic is 23 years old and works as a Software Developer at nanocosmos. She currently works part time at nanocosmos while completing her Master of Science in IT Systems Engineering at the Hasso Plattner Institute. Anna started working at nanocosmos in 2019 on several projects that have had a huge impact for the company’s ‘nanoStream Cloud’ live streaming solution.

Anna has an exceptional ability to plan, develop and program for a project according to the latest standards yet covering the entire appearance of the user interface. She is working across departments bringing together programming /coding and design concepts. Her innovative design applies to small elements, but also to the bigger picture ensuring elements tie into corporate design and the latest technical requirements.

Most inclusive company in 2021
BT Sport

BT Sport has taken real action right across its operation to promote Diversity and Inclusion.

Well over 100 of its staff have taken part in a dedicated D&I programme, and it has produced a premier league football match with all-female on-screen talent and production.

BT Sport is also a founder member of Rise Up, inspiring girls into the industry, has done takeover days with a college to enable students to create a BT Sport show, and its School 21 programme engages students from many backgrounds.

IABM Awards Ceremony 2020

IABM Award Winners 2020

The IABM 2020 Awards (including the BaM Awards®) were presented at the BaM LIVE! event on Wednesday 2 December. View the winners of each award along with the shortlist below:

IABM BaM Awards® Winners 2020


Wavemaker Creative - Crew in a Box

“Great response to the present situation of COVID. Crew in a Box is a product for our time and might change the way talking heads are shot in the future. A very well implemented solution to remote presentation and interaction, especially since it has control and communications with a remote production team.”


disguise - Extended reality xR Platform

“Demonstrates a very innovative development in the current coronavirus climate and enables more complex and effective remote production. Is leading the way in virtual and augmented reality with real world solutions. On the bleeding edge of a revolution in how content is created and produced.” 


Meta Data Systems - Localisation Platform

“A clear example of a real-world problem solved effectively by the correct use of technology.
Meta Data Systems shows a very broad practical tool to speed up a global production system around a large-scale catalog for Warner. The impact of a system like this is immense - and impressive.”

Meta Logo


Limelight Networks - EdgeFunctions

“Provides a very dynamic and perhaps ground-breaking product that empowers content owners and developers to unleash their imagination via responsive and rapid serverless architecture on the network edge for the first time, freed from the data center. Huge potential.”

Limelight Networks


Vubiquity - Amdocs Media’s MarketONE

“Ranks top due to the D2C and CSP integration which is most needed for digital consumers. A comprehensive solution to easily monetize content to a wide audience. The connection to help OTTs move from cloud only isolated locations to real networks will greatly accelerate the opportunity for OTTs to be seen as equal to more traditional channels.”


Deltatre – mtribes platform

“Enables media operators to better define strategy and validate investment into a streaming service. It is the first product that brings together audience segmentation, UX configuration, user insights, and feature testing under one holistic console for non-technical teams. It is a genuine innovation in response to a defined and growing challenge faced by our customers and the wider industry.”


NEP Group - BSI's Mini Tx UHD wireless transmitter

“This is a huge enabler for both sports and reality TV due to the places it can be utilized, particularly when worn on the body and will unlock new camera angles and views connecting consumers to the content they are watching in more compelling ways. Provides a solution to low latency efficient UHD links for wireless cameras in an increasingly important area of live production.”


Editshare - EFSv: Seamless Proxy Editing

“Provides the pathway to a hybrid on-prem in the cloud model of media production. It takes the benefits of both and removes trade-offs in an either-or scenario and will unlock powerful global workflows. Connecting creatives anywhere with the content they need at an optimal price.”


Telestream - GLIM Remote Media Player

“A low latency universal player is the holy grail when working remotely. A highly relevant and effective application for use in today's remote post production environment. Offers a real breakthrough for supporting remote workflows."

Telestream logo

Project, event or collaboration

Nextologies & PSSI Global Servcies for SpaceX Launch & Splashdown Shows

“A complex system and operation, using to the limits the latest in a wide range of technologies that are available today. An innovative solution delivered efficiently and in a very short time during Covid-19 restrictions.”

IABM Awards Winners 2020

Andrew Jones Young Person of the year
This award is named in honour of our friend and colleague Andrew Jones who we sadly lost in 2019. Andrew was IABM's Head of Training and played a vital part in the development of our educational initiatives and fostering the next generation of talented people for our industry. The award recognises someone new to the industry (under 25 years old) for their hard work, diligence and potential.

Aditya Panikker, Digigram

“Aditya joined Digigram in 2018 as a product and digital marketing intern, while simultaneously pursuing his Master’s degree. Over the last two years, he has donned many hats within Digigram, starting out by laying down the structure of Digigram’s social media presence, followed by working as a junior product manager and then finally taking over the responsibility to expand Digigram’s business in Eastern Europe, Middle-East and Africa last year. In a year, he has enabled the company to extend its presence within these regions by mobilizing and training a strong network of partners and distributors.

“Despite moving to France as a 21-year-old who did not speak the language or have any connections in the country, he was still able to find a place for himself through sheer passion for learning new skills and building new relationships. This tenacity to work against the odds, his ability to learn from everyone around him and his willingness to self-correct, convinced us to put our trust on him to handle such a multi-cultural region and we are glad we did. This is also the same reason behind nominating him for this award."

"Aditya, within a year of taking over his new role, has reconnected Digigram with our contacts in the MEA region and established a very close relationship with them. Our partners in the region are now actively promoting and supporting Digigram more than they ever have before. In addition to engaging with our existing contacts, he has actively found new partners in different regions and motivated them to be enthusiastic about our brand and solutions. With extensive and elaborate product training, our partners are now confident in taking our solutions to markets beyond broadcast.

“He has incorporated the ‘think local, act global’ principle into his operations in the region and it has been showing great results so far. Apart from setting business targets and executing joint-prospection plans, he focuses a lot on building mutual trust and ensuring that Digigram’s brand is represented in the right manner: as a progressive, future-forward and approachable organization."

Broadcaster/Media Company of the year

Kindly sponsored by Bridge Technologies

This award recognizes and rewards broadcasters or media companies that have demonstrated throughout the year that they are at the forefront of creating and distributing ground-breaking content through innovation across the content chain.

Nominated by DISH Mexico, Marketing Director Eduardo Peniche says, “​latakoo provides the fastest and easiest solution to transfer large media files from any location. latakoo is an essential tool for production and broadcasters around the world who want to enable news, sports, production and other media teams in your organization to move content live fast.

“latakoo is the next generation in media delivery workflows. It compresses video, maintains quality and resolution, handles metadata and delivers media directly to systems at the station in the right house formats. A complete end-to-end media workflow solution that works in iOS, Windows and Android. latakoo core services include simultaneous compression and upload, download and transcode, transcription, custom metadata handling, social media publishing, collaboration and advanced workflow automation. Recently, latakoo introduced two new services – a time saving video editor enabling users to remain working directly in the cloud, and Manifest, an assignment tracker combined with a powerful indexing engine built to help broadcasters collaborate and repurpose stories across their organizations.

“latakoo is fully integrated with Avid Interplay, Grass Valley Stratus, Dalet Galaxy, Bitcentral and AP ENPS. It can also support custom network workflows that do not involve an asset manager.”

Most Creative Digital Campaign

New to 2020, this award recognizes and rewards a significant digital campaign that has taken place during 2020.

Bein Sports - “Love it Like the First Time”, the first major international campaign

To retain viewers’ and subscribers’ passion for sports and football in particular, beIN MEDIA GROUP’s departments worked around the clock along with its global offices in Singapore, London, Miami, Paris, Doha and Istanbul to create the first truly integrated creative global campaign curated for viewers and subscribers across 43 countries and in 5 continents. The campaign not only showcased how the entire world was affected by the pandemic, but it also provided hope and a sense of nostalgia to sport enthusiasts from Los Angeles, USA to Lyon, France all the way to Cairo, Egypt.

“Love it Like the First Time”, the first major international campaign by beIN SPORTS, was introduced for fans to celebrate the start of the new 2020/21 football season across the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), Asia-Pacific, France, Turkey and North America.

The unifying and positive campaign celebrated a fresh start to football across the globe and included the best football leagues and competitions including the English Premier League, Spain’s LaLiga, France’s Ligue 1, Italy’s Serie A, the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Nations League, AFC Champions League, CAF Champions League and more.

Technology Leader of the year

Kindly sponsored by Avid

This award recognizes a person who is at the forefront of disruption and innovation within the broadcast and media industry who, through inspired leadership, has helped to deliver ground-breaking technology and business benefits.

Jackie Howes, Director - Media Infrastructure Architect, Discovery Inc

She is a fabulous employee, a huge asset to our group and the company as a whole. Jackie is directly responsible for scoping, defining and coordinating both large and small Infrastructure systems that have a direct impact on the company’s technical capabilities and profitability. Jackie’s knowledge of broadcast and production IT systems is unparalleled; she is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge of how and why things function. She loves to share her knowledge and has been a guiding light to her colleagues and peers. In the past year, we’ve experienced many unforeseen changes to our daily working practices; these have affected all employees in one way or another. Jackie has worked tirelessly to make sure that all employees are able to function in their roles no matter where they are located. The ability for key operational teams to work remotely successfully was one of Jackie’s key objectives and she has made it not only possible but, in some ways, better.

“Jackie has spent most of this year working and coordinating global internal teams and external suppliers and vendors to architect an infrastructure ecosystem that will support the technical and operational aspects of the Tokyo and Beijing Olympic Games. Jackie did this with a great sharing approach and made everyone feel they were on the same journey together. The output of this project has been very successful; Jackie not only provided a world class solution she also created a real feeling of ‘team’ and has made everyone she worked with a little wiser and understanding of the inter-department needs to make such a project function. Jackie also has an ability to communicate effectively with all of her colleagues no matter what level and has a great and respectful relationship with them all.”

Most Successful Virtual Event

New to 2020, this award recognizes and rewards a successful virtual event that has taken place during 2020.

Freeman & Sound and Vision Entertainment - NFL Draft 2020

For the first time ever, the annual meeting of NFL franchises to select newly eligible players for the upcoming season was held via video conference as a result of worldwide travel restrictions. Instead of the planned spectacular live event in Las Vegas, all team selections took place virtually, with league broadcasting picks taking place from the commissioner’s basement as well as various other locations. This historic Draft was broadcast live by NFL Network and ESPN from April 23 – 25.

Freeman, Brady Belavek of SAV and engineer Dave Ragains of Show Machine were hired to handle all production communications between the NFL, the networks and all production staff. Freeman, along with Belavek and Ragains have been providing the communications solution for the NFL Draft for over a decade, but never in a virtualized setting.

Belavek said, “When the decision was made to virtualize the Draft broadcast, we were tasked to come up with a reliable and secure remote communications solution that would enable a large number of production staff to operate from their homes while still being able to communicate on the production intercom freely over many channels. What turned out to be one of the biggest challenges was managing ISP connections in individual’s homes and offices, not to mention the security requirements from the NFL, who were understandably concerned about cyber security threats.”

Nominated by Clear-Com, whose Eclipse® HX digital matrix system along with LQ®-R4W8 was the chosen intercom solution to support the large network of remote Agent-IC® intercom app clients required for this broadcast.

Honorary Member

Graham Pitman

“Graham’s advice and support as Vice Chair over the last nine years has been a tremendous asset to me personally and the wider IABM team,” said Peter White, CEO, IABM. “This honour is richly deserved not only for the unstinting contribution he has made to IABM over many years, but also in recognising his long and successful career in broadcast and media technology; Graham must be one of the best known and most respected people in the industry. I know many people around the business will be saying ‘great choice!’ on hearing this news.”

IABM 2020 Shortlist:

Create BaM Award® 

  • Fuji Film - 4K-compatible broadcast lens with AF capability
  • Wavemaker Creative - Crew in a Box
  • LTN Global - LTN Live Video Cloud (LVC) 

Produce BaM Award® 

  • 7Mountains - DiNA Newsroom and Story Telling Tool
  • Data Video - KMU-200 4K Multi-channel Vertical Streaming Switcher
  • disguise - Extended reality xR Platform

Manage BaM Award® 

  • Xytech Systems - MediaPulse Media Orchestrator 
  • Prime Focus Technologies - CLEAR Vision Cloud _“ AI-led Video Comparator
  • Meta Data Systems - Localisation Platform

Publish BaM Award® 

  • Broadpeak - S4Streaming Solution
  • Limelight Networks - EdgeFunctions
  • SES - IP Switch platform

Monetize BaM Award® 

  • MEDIAGENIX - Scheduling Artist
  • Supponor - Digitally Enhanced Dasherboard (DED) virtual overlay solution
  • Vubiquity - Amdocs Media’s MarketONE

Consume BaM Award® 

  • Deltatre – mtribes platform
  • - Interactive Fan Experience
  • Kaltura - Content Aggregation Solutions

Connect BaM Award® 

  • Verizon Business Group - Verizon Media Gateway
  • NEP Group - BSI's Mini Tx UHD wireless transmitter
  • Woody Technologies - Woody in2it Go 

Store BaM Award® 

  • Dell Technologies - Dell EMC PowerScale F200 System
  • Cloudian - S3 Object Lock
  • Editshare - EFSv: Seamless Proxy Editing

Support BaM Award® 

  • Telestream - GLIM Remote Media Player
  • Merging Technologies - ANUBIS SPS Monitoring and Routing Tool
  • OWNZONES - Deep Analysis AI Tool

Project, event or collaboration BaM Award® 

  • Nextologies & PSSI Global Servcies for SpaceX Launch & Splashdown Shows
  • MGM and Eluvio launching a Next-Gen Video Distribution Network
  • Verizon Media Platform partnering with FOX Sports delivering a 4K world-first at the Super Bowl LIV

Andrew Jones Young Person of the year

  • Neil Thacker, Playbox Technology UK
  • Aditya Panikker, Digigram
  • Michael Dessureault, Evertz Microsystems Ltd

Broadcaster/Media Company of the year

  • BeIN Media Group
  • Black News Channel
  • Latakoo

Most Creative Digital Campaign

  • MediaKind, Design Original and Platform Communications - The Future of Media Imagined
  • PlayBox Technology UK - In the Hub Podcast
  • Bein Sports - “Love it Like the First Time”, the first major international campaign

Technology Leader of the year

  • Jackie Howes, Director - Media Infrastructure Architect, Discovery Inc
  • Paola Hobson Managing Director, InSync Technology
  • Jade Kurian, Co-founder and President, Latakoo
  • Robert Nagy, Lead Developer & Co-Founder - nxtedition
  • Michel Bais, Chief Executive, Mobile Viewpoint

Most Successful Virtual Event

  • Freeman & Sound and Vision Entertainment - NFL Draft 2020
  • GV LIVE Presents – Innovate 2020 and Engage 2020 event series
  • MediaKind and partners deliver Chattanooga Film Festival

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