In Conversation with Accedo and Jump

In Conversation with Accedo and Jump

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In Conversation with Accedo and Jump

Mon 17, 08 2020

In this IABM TV Panel, Luke Gaydon (Head of Business Development for Sports, Accedo) & Jerónimo Macanás (CEO & Co-founder, JUMP) discuss the recent news that the Accedo One™ cloud platform will be using JUMP’s data-driven technology as the engine behind high-quality recommendations delivered via the Accedo One Marketplace.

Q1. Why is data-driven design important for video services providers?
Q2. How can data-driven design help video service providers better understand their audiences?
Q3. What are the most important considerations relating to this approach?
Q4. How does data-driven design improve the experience for the end consumer?
Q5. What are the technical barriers for video providers?
Q6. How does the combination of Accedo One and Jump Deep Recommender overcome these challenges?

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