In Conversation with Accedo and SBS

In Conversation with Accedo and SBS

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In Conversation with Accedo and SBS

Tue 07, 07 2020

Remote User Research on Video & TV Consumption

Recently, Accedo & SBS On Demand facilitated a large remote user research study on video & TV consumption in Australia, specifically focusing on the opportunities that lie within digital linear TV and if or how they should bring it to the SBS On Demand platform.

We spoke with Nikki Perugini & Ulf Sthamer to delve into their new ways of working during the COVID-19 lockdown, and gain some insight into the outcome of the study. Their UX team conducted a research study that included 5 different research methods and resulted in 68 customer backed insights & recommendations that will form the base of the SBS On Demand product roadmap over the coming months. Tune in to hear the process behind the study, and listen to some findings on the future of Linear TV in a digital, ‘on demand’ world.

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