In Conversation with Cobalt Digital

In Conversation with Cobalt Digital


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In Conversation with Cobalt Digital

Fri 24, 04 2020

In this IABM TV interview, Chris Shaw (Executive Vice Pesident of Sales & Marketing, Cobalt Digital) discusses openGear and Cobalt Digital’s role in the beginning, and the role they are playing now.

1. Cobalt Digital has been around for over 22 years now so you’ve seen many, many changes in the industry. How does Cobalt’s solutions keep its customers both prepared and competitive for the next big technology?
2. And a follow-up to that question is, how was business for Cobalt before the Covid-19 crisis? What are you doing to keep customers informed and engaged as we all go through it? And what do you predict the post-Covid era will bring?
3. openGear was a game-changing concept. What role did Cobalt play in the beginning, and what role is Cobalt playing now, and what can we expect to hear about openGear in the future?
4. What emerging technologies comprise Cobalt’s core platform? What products were going to be introduced at NAB to target those technologies, and are they still being launched?
5. There is so much talk of HDR production, especially now. What does Cobalt have that sets it apart from all the other similar solutions?
6. And lastly, now that NAB 2020 is not on the calendar, what is your opinion on the future of trade shows?

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