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In Conversation with Eluvio

Fri 24, 04 2020

In this TV interview, Michelle Munson (Co-Founder and CEO, Eluvio) discusses the Eluvio Content Fabric and its benefits.

1) Delivering online video today can be a complex and costly undertaking. What are some of the key challenges content owners share with you about their current video delivery supply chain?
2) Eluvio has a new approach in mind, right? Can you briefly summarize the Eluvio Content Fabric and its benefits?
3) We understand you are working with MGM, can you talk a bit about that?
4) Without disclosing things that are confidential, what other types of companies or use cases do you see adopting the Eluvio Content Fabric?
5) Given the COVID-19 pandemic, what are you hearing from your industry contacts about potential implications for the video industry?

On May 20, Eluvio will host live webcasts. Register here:

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