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In Conversation with GatesAir

Fri 10, 07 2020

In this IABM TV interview, Bruce Swail (CEO, GatesAir) discusses GatesAir’s role in getting ATSC 3.0 ready for the masses, their global strategy & the future of radio.

Q1. The U.S. Spectrum Repack reached a significant milestone on Friday, as its 10th and final phase of facility transition came to a close. A lot of new TV transmitters have been put online over the past two years in North America, and the largest percentage are from GatesAir. Tell me how you helped broadcasters handle such a monumental undertaking, and what comes next after repack.
Q2. As broadcasters around the world are planning to update their digital TV offerings, ATSC 3.0 is getting a lot of global interest, especially as trials are moving full-steam-ahead in the U.S., branded to consumers as “NextGen TV.” Can you speak about GatesAir’s role in getting ATSC 3.0 ready for the masses, as well as its continuing support for other digital standards like DVB-T2 and ISDB-Tb?
Q3. GatesAir is experiencing a lot of international awareness now, with its new European branch, expanded global sales team, and more dealers than ever before. Talk a bit about GatesAir’s global strategy and how it is helping more broadcasters around the world.
Q4. Radio is also seeing a lot of digital life, with DAB, DAB+, HD Radio, DRM, and more overshadowing their analog counterparts. There also seems to be a growing trend of countries that are considering or planning analog shutdowns. What does the future of radio look like to GatesAir, and what are you doing to help shape it?
Q5. The industry is embracing the integration of IP into virtually every aspect of the broadcasting process. More than ever, this includes getting high-fidelity signal safely from a studio to a transmitter, to a network of other studios, to streaming channels, and more. GatesAir’s Intraplex product line has been at the forefront of leveraging IP as a 21st century tool for signal transport. Tell me about what’s new with Intraplex.
Q6. Obviously the coronavirus pandemic has created massive waves in our economy, way of living, and plans for the future. How is GatesAir coping with the pandemic, and what are the biggest challenges that it sees for broadcasters moving forward?
Q7. Since IBC won’t be happening, what’s the thing you’ll miss most from Amsterdam this year?

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