In Conversation with Jeff Rosica

In Conversation with Jeff Rosica


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In Conversation with Jeff Rosica

Tue 28, 04 2020

In this IABM TV interview, Jeff Rosica (CEO, Avid) discusses Avid’s record growth in subscriptions during the pandemic & the current issues they are facing.

Q1) I note that Avid has experienced record growth in subscriptions during this pandemic but like most vendors in our sector it has not all been plain sailing. Are you experiencing issues with so many productions being put on ice and what about the supply chain on some of your hardware products?
Q2) You have some large customers in the news sector (e.g. Sinclair). News is in a strange situation. Demand for news consumption has increased dramatically at a moment when supply is shrinking due to safety measures. What have been the major challenges in supporting your customers transition a large share of their staff to remote working?
Q3) On business continuity, I suppose your customers do not just need support in this period but quick support as well, particularly as some of them start using new cloud-based tools. How have you coped with this?
Q4) Your Avid Customer Association is a conduit through which you gather customer feedback – which is very important in subscription models – and incorporate it into your future offerings and roadmaps. With the cancellation of events, how have you adapted this initiative to the current circumstances? And how the feedback received in this extraordinary period compare against the usual?
Q5) The cancellation of events including sports event and music festivals have really disrupted the media business but also driven creative innovation as some media companies have had to fill programming schedules with new content – including archival content. What have been the trends that have most surprised you with regards to this and how can media technology suppliers tap into this trend?
Q6) Last time we spoke you mentioned that we will be in a “new normal” when this situation ends. How will this new normal look like from your perspective and what kind of industry we will see at the end of the tunnel?

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