In Conversation with Latakoo and M2A Media

In Conversation with Latakoo and M2A Media


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In Conversation with Latakoo and M2A Media

Tue 21, 04 2020

In this panel with Latakoo and M2A Media, we discuss the impact of Coronavirus on business along with how risk preferences for new technology are changing, the acceleration of transitions and innovations in the market and the technical challenges that companies customers are facing and how these challenges differ from market to market.

Questions include:

Coronavirus impact:

  • Among media technology buyers, we are seeing a variety of effects of this crisis. Examples include the cancellation of sports events, productions, the pressure on advertising revenues, the surge in news and on-demand content consumption etc. How does the Coronavirus impact on your business? (Business Impact)
  • A lot of media companies have been telling us that this crisis is radically changing risk preferences when it comes to new technologies and is accelerating transitions that were already underway. Is this consistent with your experience? (Tech Transitions)
  • Do you think that the crisis may drive some innovations forward that are relevant to your business? What kind of innovations could these be? (Innovation)

Media Technology market:

  • M2A provides Live Streaming, Live Capture and VOD Workflow services to a wide range of recognized clients like DAZN, ITV and Channel 4. What are the major trends in Live Streaming (e.g. 4K/8K)?
  • What are your customers’ major needs when it comes to VOD Workflows? What about challenges?
  • Your VOD Workflow runs in AWS Cloud. Could you kindly tell more about your technology partnership? What are its major benefits for your organization and your customers?
  • Latakoo provides fast file transfer, remote file access and automation services. What are the major needs of your customers today? Have they changed over the past few years?
  • What are the major technical/technological challenges your organization and your customers are facing today? Do these challenges differ regionally from market to market?
  • Latakoo uses ML to predict the best way to send customers’ files. Could you kindly tell us more about your advanced technology and some potential use cases?

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