In Conversation with Meta Data Systems

In Conversation with Meta Data Systems


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In Conversation with Meta Data Systems

Mon 04, 05 2020

In this interview, Rob Tucker (CEO & Founder, Meta Data Systems) talks to IABM TV about Meta Data Systems’ background and the new developments in their pipeline.

1. Tell us a little about your self and background?
2. Tell us about Meta and how it came about?
3. What are the greatest strengths of Meta?
4. Tell us about your current customers?
5. Where do you see Meta in 5 years?
6. Any new developments or new products in the pipeline?
7. What are the problems that Meta Solves?
8. Tell us about the team at Meta?
9. Who does Meta partner and collaborate with?
10. What do you see as the greatest challenges to the industry today?

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