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In Conversation with NAGRA


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In Conversation with NAGRA

Thu 16, 04 2020

In this IABM TV interview, Tim Pearson (Sr. Director Product Marketing, NAGRA) discusses the trends in the pay-TV market & how service providers can move from protecting content to protecting their entire service.

Q1) The pay-TV and content landscape is evolving and with it so are security challenges facing service providers. What are the trends you are seeing and what are you telling customers who wish to launch or have OTT and D2C offerings?
Q2) How can service providers move from protecting content to protecting their entire service? What’s wrong with using existing DRMs and with this in mind, can they solely rely on DRM to safeguard their content?
Q3) What are some of the different tools within Active Streaming Protection providers can use to protect their services?
Q4) Has the framework been deployed with any operators?
Q5) If the service changes or grows, what options are available to service providers to stay protected?
Q6) It’s clear there are many different threats to a service. How do operators know which threats to prioritise?

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