In Conversation with Octopus Newsroom

In Conversation with Octopus Newsroom


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In Conversation with Octopus Newsroom

Mon 04, 05 2020

In this IABM TV interview, Gabriel Janko (Sales Director, Octopus Newsroom) discusses some of their latest products & solutions.

Q1) Did you do anything special to bring the NAB experience to your customers this year?
Q2) Can you please tell us about your new products?
Q3) How is Octopus X different from Octopus Kor, or what’s the relationship between them?
Q4) Octopus iReporter sounds like an interesting tool, will that be available only for Octopus customers?
Q5) Are these tools already available? If not, when they will be available?
Q6) Have you done any new projects lately?

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