In Conversation with Primestream

In Conversation with Primestream


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In Conversation with Primestream

Thu 30, 04 2020

In this IABM TV interview, Namdev Lisman (Executive Vice President, Primestream) discusses how Primestream are uniquely positioned to address the current challenges for media organizations.

1. The coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses of all sizes as many team members have started working from home. What are the specific challenges of media organizations?
2. How is Primestream uniquely positioned to address these challenges and help media companies thrive, even in the coronavirus era?
3. Explain how Xchange Media Cloud is helping media companies adapt quickly to remote workflows. Can you give some examples?
4. Describe how Media I/O is supporting remote production and enabling broadcasters to do more with less?
5. In general, why is cloud computing the best approach for media companies today and also into the future? And why are broadcasters moving to IP-based solutions for newsgathering and video capture?

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