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In Conversation with Robin Kirchhoffer, Dalet

Wed 15, 07 2020

In this IABM TV interview, Robin Kirchhoffer (Director of Marketing, Operations & Content, Dalet) discusses Dalet Connect and the digital and content experiences media professionals can expect on the platform.

Q1) As physical meetings, shows and events cannot currently take place, how has Dalet managed to keep on engaging with customers, prospects and partners?
Q2) Can you tell us more about Dalet Connect? What kind of digital and content experiences can media professionals expect on the platform?
Q3) How do you establish new connections or strengthen existing ones in this troubled period?
Q4) Talking about marketing and customer experience (CX), what changes and improvements have you made? Would you say that the crisis has accelerated these?
Q5) What’s next? Can you tell us more about your upcoming marketing initiatives?

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