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In Conversation with Rogers Broadcast & Media


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In Conversation with Rogers Broadcast & Media

Wed 29, 04 2020

IABM TV interview with Pierre Fortin (Vice President, Media Technology and Operations, Rogers Broadcast & Media)

Q1) What are the challenges and opportunities for a Pay-TV operator in today’s fast-changing media business?
Q2) How is the transition to direct-to-consumer models influencing your investment in media technology?
Q3) Could you tell us your top technology investment priorities going forward?
Q4) What are the main challenges you are facing in implementing your forward-looking technology strategy?
Q5) We are seeing a lot more focus on data to better understand consumers and rationalize operations? Are you increasingly focusing on this as well?
Q6) Do you see any skills shortages in the industry as a result of changing technology investment? How are you addressing these?
Q7) With all the change affecting the media industry and the challenges you are facing, how are your relationships with your technology partners changing? What do you require of them now that you would not have required some years ago?

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