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In Conversation with Shotoku


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In Conversation with Shotoku

Tue 21, 04 2020

In this IABM TV interview, James Eddershaw (Managing Director, Shotoku) discusses some of Shotoku’s latest camera support systems such as the fully-robotic pedestal, SmartPed.

Q1 – Shotoku’s SmartPed fully-robotic pedestal has proven to be popular around the globe, but we understand you have recently enhanced it to keep ahead of the pace of evolving studio technology. So what’s new on SmartPed and how do the navigation system developments in particular make a difference to broadcasters in their daily operations?
Q2 – The TR-XT control system is also very widely used, and we heard that you were planning on highlighting a number of new features at the NAB show this year, tells us about those and what operators can expect to see when the new version rolls out this year?
Q3 – I imagine there are markets outside the traditional studio-based live news application where robotics are also used. Where else do Shotoku see sales strength and what are the differences in technical challenges between markets
Q4 – Manual camera support systems are a key part of Shotoku’s line up too. How do the product ranges come together and what developments in the manual support area can customers expect to hear about in 2020?
Q5 – How has your business been fairing in general, and what steps has Shotoku taken to try to adapt to the recent unprecedented changes in all of our personal and business lives?

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