In Conversation with Sony New Media Solutions

In Conversation with Sony New Media Solutions

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In Conversation with Sony New Media Solutions

Fri 19, 06 2020

In this IABM TV interview, Kunal Shah (VP, Software Engineering & Architecture, Sony NMS) discusses Sony’s history in supply chain solutions and the creation of Sony NMS.

1) What is a digital supply chain and why is it important for content providers and consumers?
2) When did digital supply chain solutions become a priority for Sony and who were some of your first clients?
3) What are some key differentiating factors that help Sony NMS stand out from other supply chain partners in the market?
4) How has your supply chain evolved since 2010 to meet changing market needs?
5) What technology disruptors have had an impact on how you do business and how you service your clients?
6) What role does automation play in your supply chain and how do you balance automated vs. manual workflows?
7) As a solutions provider, what have been your biggest pain points and how have you addressed these?
8) For new clients, how do your supply chain experience and competencies add value to their business?
9) What can you share about technology development projects you’re working on to improve supply chain efficiencies?
10) What does the next generation digital supply chain look like? Where is it headed?

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