In Conversation with TAG VS

In Conversation with TAG VS


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In Conversation with TAG VS

Mon 27, 04 2020

In this IABM TV interview, Kevin Joyce (Zer0 Friction Officer, TAG VS) discusses TAG’s exciting new strategy ‘Zer0 Friction’.

Q1. Of course, world news is dominated by Covid-19 and how it has required the entire global workforce to change habits and work from a distance, but TAG’s technology has always been ahead when it comes to remote operations as well as installation, service and support. Can you explain, and talk about how TAGs solutions strengthen our ability to ‘social distance’ and keep staff safe and broadcasters on air?
Q2. We keep hearing about a very new and exciting TAG strategy you are calling Zer0 Friction that is a game-changer when it comes to financial, operational and production benefits and also ensures that broadcasters make the most of their assets. In fact, TAG obviously feels so strongly about this that you now have the title “Zer0 Friction Officer”. So tell us how this works.

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