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In Conversation with THEO Technologies

Tue 29, 09 2020

In this IABM TV interview, Pieter-Jan Speelmans (CTO, THEO Technologies) discusses the biggest challenges customers are facing, how the industry is currently moving, and the biggest innovations the THEO team is working on.

Q1. How would you explain what THEO Technologies does to those who don’t know the company?
Q2. Video playback of course entails a lot of different aspects. What are the biggest challenges your customers face?
Q3. The media industry is moving at an extremely high speed. Have you seen a big shift in those use cases over the past years?
Q4. How do you see the future movement of the industry? Are there big new challenges in the future, or will we be settling into a “business as usual” scenario anytime soon?
Q5. What are the biggest innovations the THEO team is working on to address these future challenges?

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