Insurance agents from the Vienna Economic Chamber (WKO) produce live video material for training sessions using TUBICON

Insurance agents from the Vienna Economic Chamber (WKO) produce live video material for training sessions using TUBICON


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Insurance agents from the Vienna Economic Chamber (WKO) produce live video material for training sessions using TUBICON

Case Study from STRYME

Thu 17, 12 2020

Insurance agents actively represent the interests of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) and act as service partners responsible for optimising legislative and work-specific framework conditions for entrepreneurs. Their tasks include the preparation of laws and training questions for insurance agents and the optimisation of checklists for persons interested in taking up the profession.

We would like to thank STRYME and especially Goce Zdravkoski, MBA, CEO and founder of STRYME and TUBICON and Clemens Czepe, CTO and co-founder for preparing the nine-hour-long video material. We are proud of our collaboration with this company, which thanks to the app TUBICON developed by them has enabled us and will continue to enable us to produce training content for webinars and various training and educational initiatives available for use by around 10000 insurance agents.

Karl Weisz, chair and trained economist representing the insurance agents at the Vienna Economic Chamber (WKW) and Ing. Paul Eichberger, deputy chair, were on location when the video was shot and were able to follow the live production with the app TUBICON and impart detailed information on how the product works during an interview with Mr Zdravkoski.

WKW: Mr Zdravkoski, what is the core business of your firm?

STRYME: Together with our company STRYME, we have specialised in the development and supply of innovative solutions for the media branch, principally radio stations, telecommunications companies and cable MSOs. We support our customers worldwide with high-end technologies for live and studio productions and streaming products.

WKW: Can you explain what TUBICON is exactly?

STRYME: TUBICON is a cloud-based app for live video productions. Users can produce live videos easily with their smartphones and stream them in real time in HD on social media without any additional equipment or investment costs. The Virtual Studio is powered by the VR integration in cooperation with the company Brainstorm.

WKW: How did you hit upon the idea of TUBICON?

STRYME: With our 15 years of experience in broadcasting and the expertise we have gleaned, we began looking for a solution that would enable smaller companies such as startups, SMEs or content producers to produce professional live videos on small budgets. Our cloud-based solution will enable users to bridge the gap between ever increasing video production costs and the effective transmission of messages worldwide.

WKW: What do you need to use TUBICON?

STRYME: All you need to use TUBICON is your smartphone. The production studio can be easily operated via your PC, laptop or tablet.

WKW: Do you need special mobile phones or other equipment?

STRYME: No, no additional equipment is required to use the app. You can simply use your smartphone to run TUBICON. The app is available for download for both Android and iOS.

WKW: Where and how can you use TUBICON?

STRYME: You can use the app anywhere at any time with your smartphone. A standard internet connection or a WLAN for streaming is all that is required. WKW: What can you do with the app? STRYME: TUBICON enables you to stream live to your website and on social media or even record your own live videos. TUBICON has a wide range of functions that can be used for live productions.

WKW: Are there any functions you would especially like to highlight?

STRYME: Apart from our user-friendly interface, TUBICON offers other functions such as screen capture for screen sharing, picture-in-picture and split screen enabling two videos to be transmitted simultaneously, a mixed selection of lower thirds or the microphone-only mode and even a chat function. These features – and many more –enable live productions to be produced professionally.

WKW: That all sounds very complicated. Do you need specialist knowledge?

TUBICON has been conceived so that anybody without specific prior knowledge can produce live videos. Users are introduced to the product during a guided tour. Further guidance is also available in the form of application-specific tutorials.

WKW: How much does the app cost?

STRYME: We currently offer two TUBICON packages. A FREE version which can be used for free without limitation. We offer the fee-based version as a STARTER package containing many other fantastic functions. The price of this package is a competitive double-digit figure per month. You can also purchase extra hours individually. Another package will be launched at the beginning of 2021.

WKW: What are the specific advantages offered by TUBICON?

STRYME: The TUBICON app offers users a professional live video production tool, which can be used by both amateurs and professionals without additional equipment or investment costs. Using just your smartphone you can produce live videos anywhere at any time and stream them on different platforms in real time and in HD.

About insurance agents at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Insurance agents (VA) actively represent the interests and act as service partners of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), helping entrepreneurs to create good framework conditions for their activities on which they can build their success.


About Brainstorm

Brainstorm is a specialist company dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions for broadcast, feature film production and corporate presentations since 1993.



STRYME is an innovative video solution expert for broadcasters, telecommunication companies and cable MSOs. Based in Vienna and San Francisco, they are known for uncompromising quality and reliable solutions for sports, live and news productions that simplify, accelerate and optimize daily workflows. The company is a trusted industry partner and has been implementing projects on a global scale for well-known clients since 2005.




TUBICON is an innovative app for live video production and streaming developed by STRYME for content producers. The cloud-based app enables creators from various industries to use smartphone technology to effectively reach more viewers and grow their business.


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