Is Aximmetry the ultimate choice for virtual TV Productions in 2024?

Is Aximmetry the ultimate choice for virtual TV Productions in 2024?

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Is Aximmetry the ultimate choice for virtual TV Productions in 2024?

Wed 17, 04 2024

Is Aximmetry the ultimate choice for virtual TV Productions in 2024?

Originating as a VJ software for one-man shows, now a highly developed tool for complex TV productions, Aximmetry is becoming a household name in the broadcast industry. Over the years, the team purposefully molded the software into a universal, efficient, and affordable tool to fit the needs of broadcast professionals.

Today, Aximmetry integrates seamlessly with other broadcast systems and technologies, such as newsroom computer systems (NRCS) via MOS protocol, high-end camera tracking systems, and video servers, thus enabling broadcasters to create dynamic and immersive content efficiently. Additionally, its seamless and always up-to-date integration with the latest Unreal Engine versions (currently on 5.3) ensures that content creators can always access the newest graphics tools.

Finding available talent for projects is not a problem. Aximmetry’s open licensing model helped to build a 45 K-strong global community and naturally, a large group of experts emerged from it over the years. The software is used and taught in close to 100 educational institutions around the world. It is an obvious choice for emerging talent because content creators do not have to make any initial investment to learn Aximmetry. Thanks to the freely available demo licenses, free online documentation, and free forum support anybody can have access to Aximmetry’s ecosystem. The software’s accessibility is further enhanced by its availability in five languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese.

In addition to the community, Aximmetry’s global reseller partner network can deliver the security required for large local projects. At the same time, those clients who wish for direct support from Aximmetry HQ can choose from flexible support plans delivered by the core team. Aximmetry Technicians are well versed in supporting large-scale projects such as the PSL (Pakistan Super League Cricket) opening ceremony with viewership running into the millions.

Over the years, Aximmetry has demonstrated its value to a diverse clientele, including such as BellMedia, Canadian media conglomerate; Axel Springer Bild publishing group; NEP Sweden; and prominent Brazilian broadcast networks SBT, TV Anhanguera, TV Amazonas, affiliates of TV Globo, and ESPN Disney.

No doubt, the team has to keep up because the workflows of top-tier clients necessitate a plethora of features to cater to the latest requirements in broadcast:

  • Multimachine features to synchronize the running of multiple machines using a single control interface and the distribution of a higher number of camera inputs among several computers.
  • SQL databases, graphic elements, and tools specialized for weather reports, importing meteorology data from multiple formats to be able to visualize data real-time
  • Easy to use XR feature set that delivers with precision
  • Easy-to-grasp user interface that allows for easy visual programming even when it needs to support complex projects such as gameshow logic
  • Award-winning chroma keying which delivers perfect results even when using a moving camera and large green screens
  • Possibility of multiple video transfer standards such as SMTPE2110, SDI, and NDI
  • Support for various control interfaces such as HTTP API, OSC, MIDI, DMX, GPIO, COM, Visca, and more to make Aximmetry suitable for any workflow imaginable.

The Aximmetry Broadcast license can deliver all of these features and many more at a price unmatched in the market today listed at The flexible licensing policy is ideal for the fast-changing business requirements of the industry. Aximmetry software licenses can be bought and maintained on a lifetime basis or acquired on a subscription plan when clients need to scale up for projects in the Aximmetry Webshop.

Finally the biggest innovation of 2024 by Aximmetry is its new Aximmetry Eye mobile application. In the ever-evolving landscape of virtual production, Aximmetry continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Aximmetry Eye is a groundbreaking free tool that transcends conventional norms by seamlessly integrating the power of mobile technology into the core of virtual content creation. It streams camera feed into Aximmetry Virtual Production Platform; provides position and direction data for talent, object, or camera tracking; and converts mobile phones into a real-time preview monitor. Aximmetry Eye isn’t just a standalone product; it’s a catalyst for seamless integration into a client’s existing virtual production workflow. Its compatibility with the Aximmetry Virtual Production Platform ensures a smooth transition, allowing users to easily incorporate Aximmetry Eye into their creative toolkit. In a professional studio it offers versatile utility for quick prototyping and shot planning. Additionally, it can enhance the workflow as an object tracking tool. It’s the missing piece that completes the puzzle, unlocking a world of possibilities for virtual productions.

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