Calrec Audio Limited - IABM Member Company Details

Calrec Audio Limited - IABM Member Company Details

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Calrec is a leading designer and supplier of audio broadcast mixing equipment, with flexible audio solutions to fit the specific needs of broadcasters’ specific workflow. This, coupled with highly resilient products, has earned Calrec a reputation as pioneers chosen by the world’s foremost broadcasters.

Calrec has developed a comprehensive range of mixing consoles and network products that integrate seamlessly via established and emerging industry standards. From the highly configurable Apollo and Artemis consoles to the powerful and compact Summa and Brio consoles, Calrec has a console for a wide range of users. Type R takes Calrec into the parallel industry of radio and is also the most configurable radio console available.

As the industry hurtles towards interoperability, standardised transport mechanisms and remote production, Calrec is ready to facilitate the transition and support the modern broadcaster throughout the process. Calrec’s IMPULSE core takes broadcasters into the next generation of broadcasting workflows incorporating IP networking technologies and immersive audio capabilities.

All Calrec products are designed, manufactured and tested at Calrec’s Nutclough Mill headquarters in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England


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