Canara Lighting - IABM Member Company Details

Canara Lighting - IABM Member Company Details

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Canara Lighting is the global leader in the business of providing stage and studio lighting system for over 40 years. They are the biggest manufacturer of specialised lighting equipment in South Asia. Fully integrated manufacturing facility located at Mangalore, India is delivering products and services to broadcasting studios, film studios, auditoriums, theatres, architectural lighting, stadium lighting and many other specialised lighting requirements. Company provides one stop service from concept to commissioning. This includes consulting, designing, manufacturing, Research & Development, installation, commissioning, training and after sales service. Canara Lighting has complete product range for TV and film studios, auditoriums and theatres. Product range covers lighting fixtures, grid and rigging equipment, cable management system, drapery, consoles and dimmers. Company manufactures lighting fixtures using LED, Halogen, CFL and HMI technologies. Canara Lighting has invested heavily in development of LED lighting fixtures. Current product range includes LED Fresnels, LED Panels, 150W RGB LED Cyclorama lights, 60W LED ENG kit, LED PAR, LED Moving Heads, LED Zoom Profile etc. Company has launched JAGLE PANEL, world\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s best LED RGBW perfect soft light. Canara Lighting has wide range of rigging equipment and motorised hoists to world class standards. Project division of the company provides turnkey lighting solution from designing to commissioning. These products are used 24x7 by leading TV channels, film studios, auditoriums and theatres worldwide. Over 800 installations are working in different part of the world with total satisfaction.


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India Mulky - Kinnigoli Road (Airport Road) Punaroor Mangalore


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