Qd Broadcast - IABM Member Company Details

Qd Broadcast - IABM Member Company Details

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Beijing QiDian Broadcast Technology Co. Ltd (QD) delivers products, system platforms and customized solutions that integrate "Smart Broadcasting" and "Smart Viewing". "Smart Broadcasting" is to provide the media platforms and production companies with automated, intelligent, platform-based and virtualized smart broadcasting production services, while "Smart Viewing" is to provide on-site users with interactive, personalized, high-quality audiovisual and data services. Moreover, smart broadcasting sets an innovative model of sports broadcasting which could achieve: 1) end-to-end content production services, covering the whole process from feed collection and contribution to production and distribution; 2) cloud live production, including cloud live streaming, cloud video-on-demand, AI scene detection, AI posture recognition, smart editing (video clips), cloud/online meeting tools; 30 remote production, including switching, CG and real-time playback editing.


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China 4F, Building C8, Dong Yi Media Park No. 8 Gaojingwenhuayuan Road Chaoyang District Beijing


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