Metadata Transformation: Six Steps to Success

Metadata Transformation: Six Steps to Success


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Metadata Transformation: Six Steps to Success

Thu 21, 01 2021

Six steps to guide your business through a metadata transformation process to deliver world class entertainment experiences and become a future-proofed business.

In this paper we’re going to focus on Metadata in the context of the Media & Entertainment Industry and why it’s the most important thing you need to consider right now. We’re going to give you an outline of the steps you need to go through to get from where you are today, to where you need to be, to drive world class entertainment experiences.


Most M&E companies are already well underway and at different stages with digital transformation initiatives. Whether you’re just starting your move to the cloud, or deploying a second or third generation cloud based value chain, most people have an idea about the systems that work for them, and they are going to deploy in their chain. This is unquestionably important - picking the right systems for your users and your business are critical decisions.

However, an area where a lot of companies struggle is having a clear strategy of exactly what metadata, attributes and values they will configure and pass across that chain. Where should the key assets of your business - the titles - be managed, and how and where should that title catalogue be enriched and with what attributes?

Unless you’re a brand new business, you’ll have legacy considerations, meaning catalogue data is managed and being enriched across a number of different systems, by different users, with different skills, methods, terminologies and governance processes - if there is any overall governance at all.

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