An Easy and Efficient Etere MAM Simplifies Even the Hardest Tasks

An Easy and Efficient Etere MAM Simplifies Even the Hardest Tasks

An Easy and Efficient Etere MAM Simplifies Even the Hardest Tasks

Thu 29, 06 2023

Etere MAM is specifically designed for the rise in multimedia content, making it easy to monetize content and manage the end-to-end workflow efficiently.

Content is King

Content is growing at an exponential rate as demand for content continues to be on the rise. The competition for viewers results in a need for more efficient, open, and adaptable software tools to meet the global demand for content. Media organizations consistently release new multimedia content to increase and maintain viewership. To be prepared for evolving needs in the industry, strategic decisions about how video is produced, managed, and distributed are essential considerations for any media organization. Having suitable software tools is no longer simply a “good-to-have.”

Furthermore, with the increased demand for multimedia content and streaming services, software plays an even more vital role in meeting the evolving needs of audiences globally. Changes are necessary to manage video production, organization, and distribution effectively. An effective MAM must also be able to repurpose older content from OTT providers. Therefore, strategic Media Asset Management is essential to stay relevant in the industry.

AI Tools to Streamline Tasks and Workflows

Etere’s automation and artificial intelligence provide teams with the software tools to execute tasks more efficiently and shorten the delivery to market time. Businesses can incorporate user-defined rules to determine how to streamline operations and complete tasks more accurately.

Before we begin, our engineering team will analyze the scope of your operation and start to design the workflow for your system. The team will consider the delivery channels your media assets need to be delivered to.

At the fundamental level, automation streamlines operations by replacing manual and repetitive tasks. In addition, Etere allows you to customize workflows to meet your system’s needs—automation and artificial intelligence result in more cost savings, better accuracy, and higher efficiency.

For example, Etere workflows can run automated quality control checks after ingestion to ensure files are error-free before they are delivered to their destination. Furthermore, if file formats need to be changed, an automated workflow can be created to run the transcoding workflow to put the file in a suitable format before distribution.

Web and PC Interfaces

Etere features web and PC interfaces that connect teams and empower media professionals to drive their workflows no matter where they are. All that is needed is an internet connection and a PC. With a secured login, you can access real-time content search, retrieval, browsing, and content editing on the web interface.

A Collaborative Team

In today’s disruptive world, the appropriate software tools can help to automate processes and make collaboration easy. It is increasingly common for internal teams and external partners to collaborate on a project from different locations worldwide. The pandemic in 2020 further accelerates this trend. Etere’s centralized database and real-time updates ensure all edits can be accessed by the relevant team members with the associated user rights without delay.

Projects may consist of various elements and stages. Etere simplifies the automation of workflows for repetitive tasks, creation of tasks, sending of approvals, and tracking of processes. From the content development, commissioning, and pre-production stages, Etere has it all covered.

NLE Integration

With Etere, users can access media content directly from all the commonly used editing stations, including Adobe. Etere uses web services technology for seamless integration with external broadcast systems.

MD5 Signature

With Etere MAM, you can ensure the content is error-free after movements, archive retrievals, and moving on WAN. Etere’s MD5 checksum capabilities preserve data integrity after file movements and manage asset versioning with an automatic hierarchical asset structure that makes retrieving, sharing, and distributing content easy.

Active Directory Integration for the Most Flexible User Rights

Etere MAM features a complete user permission system that integrates seamlessly with Active Directory. Each user can have different permissions according to stations and functions.

The Agenda for Tasks, Appointments and Approvals

Etere features a central job repository that allows you to manage previews, approvals, asset data management, subtitling, ingesting, and dubbing easily. Creating tasks and approving them can also be automated and customized via workflows.

High-Resolution Player

Etere has an integrated Hi-Res player that lets you preview videos after running a quality control report. From the same interface, you can monitor and trim files immediately after the ingest, preview and scheduling of files before broadcast. You can also check audio tracks, and verify the aspect ratio of files without switching screens.

Using Smart Data to Improve Performance

Etere MAM features intelligent automation tools that provide business insights and data to optimize performance. For example, the Etere dashboard shows audience data and updates the complete system in real-time to reflect changes made in one part of the system. The business insights and visibility allow key stakeholders to optimize performance and leverage content monetization opportunities in different markets and across multiple platforms.

Targeted Content Monetization Across Markets

With Etere, broadcasters can deliver SCTE-35 signals that drive multiple advertisement deliveries with the same program but without additional costs. SCTE-35 are timed metadata inserted by the driver to signal an ad insertion opportunity in the transport streams. It enables advertisements’ duration and placement in the stream to be pre-defined. Once the ads are inserted, the video content and targeted commercials are stitched into a single stream to produce a seamless viewing experience.

While content monetization technologies are changing with viewers’ increasingly fragmented content consumption habits, you can stay ahead with Etere’s integrated, customizable, and cost-effective solutions that drive higher ad revenue by significantly improving the viewer experience.

Etere Prepares you for the Future

Etere prepares you for the future and sets you up for success as the demand for great content grows. With Etere MAM, you can meet the market demand in the shortest time frame and with the best cost-efficiency.

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