Business Agility is the Key to Monetize Content and Increase your ROI

Business Agility is the Key to Monetize Content and Increase your ROI

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Business Agility is the Key to Monetize Content and Increase your ROI

Thu 14, 12 2023

“How to optimise monetisation of content” is one of the top concerns of every media company. While there is no universal blueprint for success, a key factor lies in the business’s agility.

Unlocking Business Agility in the Media Industry

Agility is the key to success in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape. An agile company can swiftly respond to the dynamic needs of the industry. To thrive in this environment, an integrated Ecosystem that includes Scheduling, Media Asset Management (MAM), and Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) can help broadcasters maximise the monetisation of their content. Etere Ecosystem does all of these and more.

What sets Etere Ecosystem apart is its departure from reliance on individual expertise. Instead, it is designed to oversee and trace your workflow comprehensively. The Etere Ecosystem is a cutting-edge software framework that seamlessly unifies information and enables seamless data exchange among a company’s departments.

Etere empowers your organisation with a centralised system to efficiently oversee and manage every aspect of your production facilities, including the newsroom, production, postproduction, and playout operations, alongside indispensable administrative tools like scheduling, planning, CRM, and Business Intelligence. It is a centralised control centre where the orchestration of tasks becomes smoother and swifter, resulting in enhanced productivity and more accurate content deliveries. With the Etere Ecosystem, you have unified, streamlined operations where efficiency and content monetisation are aligned.

The Power of Collaborative Workflow for Organizational Agility

Companies must be aligned on collaborative workflows to remain competitive, especially across distributed work environments. Centralised information sources eliminate communication gaps between departments and enable real-time updates. This seamless collaboration ensures data flows smoothly across different departments, minimising content delivery delays.

For an organisation to be agile to change, it must move as one unit, not multiple entities with different agendas and information gaps. An organisation with a collaborative workflow can continually fine-tune its strategy, management, and planning to adapt to the media industry’s ever-changing challenges swiftly.

A Customised Approach that Works for Your Business

Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, Etere understands that your business and its operations are unique. Recognising the uniqueness of each company, Etere offers a personalised consultation, customised workflow design, and a strategic approach to your media management journey. We aim to empower you with cutting-edge technology and expertise, enabling you to focus on what you do best – creating exceptional content.

Etere Media Asset Management Simplifies Complexity

MAM, short for Media Asset Management, is a highly effective media content management software designed to revolutionise the intricate phases of content handling: ingest, index, storage, and retrieval of digital assets.

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) is a powerful system streamlining digital media file management, production, and distribution. Its central database accelerates content delivery, simplifies content management and ensures fast, frame-accurate content delivery. Etere is designed to scale for unlimited users, making it suitable for companies of any size. Implementing MAM brings operational efficiency and an unparalleled return on investment for your digital media.

  • Complete modular solutions that can manage the end-to-end media lifecycle, including ingest, transcoding, content retrieval, metadata association and asset distribution
  • Automated content processing that can detect new content assets
  • Automated ingest followed by effective and integrated QC workflows
  • Generation of multiformat, multipurpose files to multiple platforms
  • High availability and fault-tolerant
  • Manages multi-language content
  • NLE editing, including Adobe Premiere and Blackmagic DaVinci
  • Seamless integration with Etere User Rights 

Use of AI and Automation Tools to Bring Operational Efficiency to the Next Level

Finding the video you need within a vast media library can be overwhelming. Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) simplifies this process with flexible search parameters, including full-text search, face recognition, speech-to-text, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). These features empower users to search the media library based on diverse criteria, making tasks like creating playlists seamless. For example, to create a playlist of films related to a specific actor, MAM users can use face recognition technology to retrieve media containing scenes of the actor.

Ultra-Fast Automation with Customisable Workflows

With the Hyperconnectivity of the Etere Ecosystem, it is easy to take content from conceptualisation to air with more automation tools and fewer manual tasks. With the Etere T-Workflow, users can easily customise the content for the target demographic and deliver it to multiple platforms.

Etere T-Workflow Orchestration is a complete solution that empowers broadcasters with the software tools to understand, optimise and orchestrate workflows across the end-to-end media lifecycle.

  • Prepares content for multiple screens delivery, transcodes media, and converts metadata for broadcast, internet, mobile, or other platforms
  • Customisable parameters and workflow rules
  • Clear definition of each complex step of the broadcasting process
  • Digital representation of each step mapped out
  • Simultaneous execution of multiple independent actions
  • Complete log of all steps involved in a specific operation
  • Concurrent execution of multiple independent actions

In addition, Etere MAM seamlessly integrates with Etere HSM, enabling unified archives management across various file systems.

A Unified Archive Management

Etere HSM manages all archives in a single integrated environment, supporting a mix of proprietary and industry file systems, including Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage, Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) storage, Disk Archive, Object Storage and Cloud Storage, with a single interface that provides all information on archives located on-site as well as across multiple geographic locations.

  • Archive high and low-resolution copies as well as Master and TX copies
  • Store all metadata along with the video for increased protection
  • Auto-update the library status of files to prevent last-minute issues
  • A single view of a multi-library environment; it can manage different libraries located in different places as a single logical entity
  • Metadata integration when a clip is archived in the Tape Library
  • MS Windows-based and can interface with all library or tape drives that are MS Windows compatible

Etere MAM also integrates seamlessly with Executive Scheduling to manage the segmentation and preparation of the scheduling grid in advance based on planned broadcasts and the placement of programs, series, promos, and commercials, even before content acquisition.

Etere Executive Scheduling empowers broadcasters with the software tools to plan the strategic editing elements, enabling your broadcast schedule grid’s strategic segmentation and prearrangement. This is achieved by aligning it with your broadcasting plans, ensuring the seamless integration of programs, series, promos, and commercials before content acquisition.

  • Import/export capabilities
  • Primary and secondary events
  • Automation controls and last-minute amendments
  • Confidence reports and Delta analysis
  • Media preview and Loudness control
  • Commercial management and audience calculation

Managing resources, assets, and user rights within a media workflow can be daunting. Optimising content lifecycles and maximising ROI can be time-consuming without clear visibility and control. However, with Etere User Rights, user rights configuration is fully customisable and secure. It integrates seamlessly with Active Directory, which can manage user rights even for companies with complex groups of users with interconnected roles. For example, if a user is a member of multiple groups, the user can have more than one set of rights. Users can be profiled and have different rights according to stations and functions.

Moreover, Etere Resource Management maximises efficiency by integrating video, process, resource and cost management. This comprehensive solution empowers media enterprises to optimise their operational structures and increase profitability. It also allows the flexibility to design and implement optimised structures whenever needed.

  • Shared metadata exchanges between departments
  • Real-time monitoring and assignment of resources, tasks and approvals
  • Automatic workflow processing of media material
  • Tracking and reporting of financial information
  • Web integration for fast remote management
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook to manage agendas and appointments

Elevating Audience Engagement with Dynamic Advertisement Insertion

In line with content providers’ goals to boost audience engagement, Etere introduces Dynamic Advertisement Insertion (DAI). This feature unlocks monetisation opportunities across multiple markets by allowing content providers to insert targeted ads dynamically across mobile apps, web (HTML5), and Smart TVs. Through dynamic advertising services that enable the insertion of SCTE markers to indicate the duration and placement of advertisements inside streams, advertisements can be inserted dynamically to cater to the target audience. With integrated reporting features, Etere provides operational insights and business intelligence analytics, offering end-to-end control over advertisement management.

Etere Ecosystem empowers users with all the software solutions you need to integrate and manage all intricate processes in an organisation effectively, consequently saving time and expenses.

Contact us today for a media management strategy tailored to your business needs. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to providing you with the technology and expertise to excel in the fast-paced media and broadcasting world.

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