Croatian NOVA TV moves operations management to MISTV® MIRA

Croatian NOVA TV moves operations management to MISTV® MIRA

Croatian NOVA TV moves operations management to MISTV® MIRA

Thu 02, 05 2024

Prague, Apr. 29, 2024: MISTV has successfully completed the implementation of MISTV® MIRA—a highly integrated software solution for broadcast management and advertising sales administration—for Croatian NOVA TV.

The project was executed within a four-month period, complying with the project schedule and budget, much to the satisfaction of our client.

The highlight of the success was utilization of NOVA TV’s smart refinements of particular workflows, in combination with the best practices upon which MISTV® MIRA is built. Thanks to this, MISTV® MIRA brought NOVA TV and their users a faster solution with a clear and user-friendly interface, supporting interactions with multiple elements (sub-modules) simultaneously and enabling bulk edits for most data and elements.

All these advantages combined result in significant time savings for users, allowing them to focus more on their work and business.


NOVA TV began broadcasting in 2000 as the first commercial TV station in Croatia and has been the most-watched TV station since 2010. Today, NOVA TV holds a leading position in the media sector, pioneering developments in the digital segment. It derives its strength and added value from the synergy between television and digital media.


MISTV company with headquarters in Prague is a long-established, leading player on the international market with almost 30 years of experience in the business. It is providing complex solutions for advertising sales, rights, content and broadcast management and it is specializing in the development of software solutions for TV broadcasters.

MISTV® MIRA is a brand-new generation of integrated solutions built to meet today’s complex demands and needs for operational administration of TV stations and/or advertising sales houses. MISTV® MIRA is strongly focused on automatization and optimization of all processes in the TV business, offering a fully customizable environment according to the client’s needs, powered by Microsoft® .NET Framework and Oracle® RDBMS. It is a user friendly, scalable, efficient, and powerful tool for the administration of media business.


Jiří Gabriel, COO

+420 255 709 098


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