Dejero Critical Connectivity Solutions Prevent Downtime at TJC

Dejero Critical Connectivity Solutions Prevent Downtime at TJC

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Dejero Critical Connectivity Solutions Prevent Downtime at TJC

Tue 30, 05 2023

EnGo mobile transmitters and GateWay network aggregation solution invaluable to shopping channel’s business continuity during unexpected connectivity loss 

Dejero recently provided critical connectivity to British home shopping network, TJC, when the TV facility’s existing fiber lines became unexpectedly inaccessible.

“Dejero solutions proved to be invaluable when our existing connectivity services weren’t available to us. Our management team were incredibly grateful for the immediate support and understanding that Dejero delivered from both broadcast and operational perspectives,” said Martin Willingham, broadcast manager at TJC.

TJC usually relies on one fiber network serving its broadcast facilities and another serving the overall corporate network. But earlier this year, for a period of days, these fixed lines were compromised.

“Effectively we needed to get as many hotspots in place as we could to maintain continuity and service the contracts we have with various streaming platforms and apps, as well as access important corporate systems, including remote links to our picking robot systems,” explained Willingham.

Not only did a Dejero EnGo mobile transmitter provide resilient wireless connectivity in place of TJC’s inhouse encoders to push live video to YouTube, the low-latency solution also ensured the falling-price auction-style home shopping channel could provide dynamic graphics and pricing updates from an offsite location, that could be uploaded and changed live on air by TJC producers.

Furthermore, the Dejero EnGo enabled emergency remote connectivity between TJC’s off-site suppliers to their robot picking systems to further assist the shopping channel with the operational side of its business.

“We had experienced the power of the EnGo in 2020 when we were forced to take our studio productions outside due to social distancing restrictions during the pandemic, so we called on Dejero once again to help with programming continuity,” added Willingham.

A Dejero GateWay was also deployed at TJC for business continuity. Ideal for pop-up connectivity in scenarios like this, it provides temporary wireless broadband to deliver resilient internet connectivity that’s easy to set up and move from one location to another.

Dejero GateWay also features its award-winning Smart Blending Technology, which simultaneously blends together multiple wired (broadband, fiber) and wireless (3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, satellite) IP connections from multiple providers to form a virtual Dejero ‘network of networks.’

“It’s a very robust piece of technology that we ended up moving the GateWay around the building and plugging it into anything and everything,” Willingham said.

“At such a critical time, Dejero’s customer service was incredibly impressive. They gave us on-point guidance and advice, extra SIM cards for our existing EnGos and delivered a GateWay within 24 hours so that we could establish solid, secure connectivity for a multitude of devices and systems that would have otherwise been offline,” concluded Willingham.


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