Digigram acquires AuviTran

Digigram acquires AuviTran

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Digigram acquires AuviTran

Sun 17, 09 2023


               Digigram acquires AuviTran 

Digigram, the leading provider of Audio over IP solutions is announcing today that it has acquired Grenoble-based audio networking solutions specialist AuviTran. This acquisition strengthens Digigram’s position on the audio pro market and marks the beginning of a development phase towards the market of critical communications.


Effective immediately

Effective immediately, the acquisition reinforces the total headcount stretching from HQ offices in Montbonnot and Singapore-based branch. Operational changes include the appointment of Yves Ansade, founder of AuviTran, to the position of Global R&D Director, where he will oversee the Technical strategy for the new entity:

Digigram and AuviTran combined R&D departments reach 40% of the global staff. Both companies will continue to operate their respective brands and clients, however the acquisition definitely strengthens our position on Commercial Audio, Live Sound, Broadcast markets, as well as addressing the Critical Communications market with a large panel of solutions” states Ansade.

Digigram X Auvitran

Since 1985, Digigram has been a leading player within the broadcast market with its critical audio solutions – including digital sound cards and audio gateways designed in France. Its top clients include major public and commercial radios and TVs , as well as blue chip aerospace and public safety companies worldwide.

Founded in 2003, AuviTran has specialized in the development of audio networking solutions for installation, live sound and public address markets. Engineered in Grenoble and produced in Europe, AuviTran solutions operate at the Sydney Opera, New York Madison Square Garden or Paris Stade de France.

A long earned expertise 

“Both Digigram and AuviTran have long addressed the market of critical communications through their expertise and presence deeply rooted in Live Sound and Broadcast” declares Xavier Allanic, General Manager of Digigram. “Think radio broadcast or alarm systems: as soon as audio transmission is mission-critical, it appeals to our critical audio knowledge”.  2023 marks the shaping of Digigram’s efforts towards the critical communications market: “The part of our business that we used to name ‘Indutrial’ amounts for 35% of our turnover. We have rebranded that ‘Industrial’ share into Critical communications as it actually describes best the real nature of these clients” states Jérémie Weber, President of Digigram.“Acquiring AuviTran is a first step towards growth and a powerful leverage to amplify our presence on that broad market, as we keep developing high-end audio solutions to address demanding contexts and situations, broadcast or security likewise” adds Weber.

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