Etere Disklibrary Gives you More Reasons to Migrate your Archive to a Future-Proof System

Etere Disklibrary Gives you More Reasons to Migrate your Archive to a Future-Proof System

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Etere Disklibrary Gives you More Reasons to Migrate your Archive to a Future-Proof System

Fri 04, 08 2023

Etere Disklibrary provides the best flexibility, security, and performance with no vendor lock-ins or license subscriptions. It allows you to mix any archive enclosure and disk technologies.

In the fast-paced media industry, archival technology has seen many generations of transformations, including videotapes, optical disks, and data tapes. When the technology reaches end-of-life, your content may become vulnerable to security breaches. Etere has an ideal migration strategy, the Etere Disklibrary, that offers the best flexibility, security, and performance with no vendor lock-in. It allows you to mix archive enclosure and disk technologies for the best performance.

What’s more, it offers the best cost-efficiency in the market with no license to renew and no proprietary technologies to go obsolete. Etere Disklibrary provides ultra-low setup and maintenance costs, with one of the market’s lowest lifetime ownership costs. Etere bridges the gap between performance and cost efficiency. Secure your valuable content with Etere Disklibrary for a future-proof investment.

Get More out of your Archive with Etere Disklibrary:

Etere Disklibrary Supports Sleeping Disks with Ultra-low Power Consumption

Etere DiskLibrary supports sleeping disks that switch to standby mode when not in use. With their ultra-low power consumption, sleeping disks have a longer lifespan. Current technology costs less than LTO for capacity up to 1 PB. Recognizing that data retention and long-term archiving are essential parts of a broadcasting lifecycle, Etere DiskLibrary is designed to offer greater flexibility and security at a lower cost.

Etere Disklibrary Supports Hybrid Tape and Disk Archive for Long-term Storage

Etere Disklibrary works well independently or as part of a hybrid disk and tape solution. Users have the flexibility to adopt the most suitable setup based on the functional requirements of the data to be archived. With Etere, you can simultaneously meet regulatory compliance requirements, lower operating costs, mitigate security risks, and meet your long-term archival goals.

Etere Disklibrary Supports JBODS and MAID

Etere Disklibrary supports JBODS (Just a box of Disks), which enables multiple hard disks to be set up independently or combined into one or more logical volumes using a volume manager. It features a smaller footprint and allows each drive to be accessed from the host PC as a separate drive. Furthermore, JBODS enables the mixing of different disk sizes.

Etere also supports MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks), which allows many densely packaged disk drives in a system. With MAID, only active drives spin, reducing power consumption by up to 85% compared to traditional disk solutions. Its low power consumption properties prolong the lifespan of the disks by up to 6 times. MAID is also compatible with Write Once Read Occasionally (WORO) applications.

Other Key Advantages of Etere Disklibrary

■ Low setup costs – More cost-efficient as compared to LTO (Up to 1 PB capacity)

■ Low maintenance and operating costs

■ Easy and cost-effective storage upgrades, scales to fit any business requirement

■ Ultra-fast performance – takes 2 seconds to access any data and allows you to access multiple data at any point

■ Smaller footprint compared to LTO and ODA – Up to 1.3 PB hard drives using just 10U of rack space

■ Lower power consumption compared to LTO and ODA

■ Easy to upgrade, a mix of different generations and hardware in the same system

■ Supports JBODS and MAID -Inexpensive and interchangeable

■ Disk backup provides reliability, faster data retrieval, and faster write speed

■ Seamless workflows with a centralized database

■ Redundancy with secured data protection

■ Fault-resilient with its distributed architecture

■ Disk-based backup and recovery

■ Supports sleeping disks with low power consumption when not in use; this extends Hard Drive lifespan to more than five years

■ Unlimited bandwidth

■ Allows unlimited I/O while LTO access is limited by the number of files and linear access

■ All Etere users on a valid support contract have access to unlimited software updates and upgrades

Please consult our experienced consultants to find a personalized data migration strategy that works for your business!

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