Etere is the Key to Monetize your Archive

Etere is the Key to Monetize your Archive

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Etere is the Key to Monetize your Archive

Thu 11, 01 2024

Monetizing your archive and maximising ROI can be time-consuming without clear visibility and control. However, with Etere Ecosystem, you can turn complexity into profitability.

An archive is like a large room brimming with valuable objects, but without proper organization, it can appear as though it’s filled with clutter. Etere HSM is the software solution that transforms this chaos into profitability; it is the key to unlocking the hidden potential within your archive. Etere features automated metadata generation and intelligent search capabilities to streamline and simplify your archive management. Every asset can be seamlessly integrated into linear television or VOD with just a few clicks.

Centralised Storage Management with Etere HSM

Etere HSM is the central hub for managing all your archives in a seamlessly integrated environment. It supports many proprietary and industry-standard file systems, including Linear-Tape-Open (LTO) storage, Sony Optical-Disc-Archive (ODA) storage, Disk Archive, Object Storage, and Cloud Storage. The user-friendly interface provides comprehensive information on archives on-site and across multiple geographic locations, including offline tapes. The integrated workflow orchestration automates multi-vendor and multi-format file transformations across unlimited storage tiers in a hybrid cloud setup.

  • Efficiently manage high and low-resolution copies, Master, and TX copies precisely
  • Securely stores all metadata alongside the video content
  • Seamlessly update the library status of files, minimizing last-minute complications
  • Provide a centralized perspective in a multi-library environment, effectively handling diverse libraries across various locations as a unified entity
  • Archive both high and low-resolution versions of video files
  • Execute database backup procedures for data preservation
  • Implement long-term archive management by leveraging a tape library, significantly expanding system capacity for permanent data storage
  • Features a user-friendly interface with intuitive access to tape content, even for offline tapes

Intelligent Search Capabilities

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) simplifies finding the right video within a vast media library. Flexible search parameters, including full-text search, face recognition, speech-to-text, and OCR, empower users to search based on diverse criteria, simplifying tasks such as creating playlists.

VOD Management

Etere’s integrative database ensures real-time data sharing and centralized monitoring and management of all system processes. It also supports cloud storage solutions and content delivery networks.

Automated Metadata Generation

Etere streamlines metadata generation when assets are detected, reducing manual tasks and enhancing asset management. It facilitates seamless metadata interchange between third-party systems and metadata enrichment services, unlocking greater value from your assets.

Etere’s diverse suite of automatic metadata tagging features empowers users with advanced capabilities for media management and content accessibility. Etere offers a range of powerful automatic metadata tagging features, including:

  • Facial Recognition

Etere seamlessly incorporates cutting-edge AI technology into its Media Asset Management (MAM) solution, significantly expanding its search capabilities through facial recognition. Leveraging image recognition, Etere rapidly analyzes individual scenes within the media library and generates a list of matches within mere seconds. This advanced facial recognition technology excels even when dealing with media files with low lighting conditions and obscure angles.

  • Speech-to-Text

Etere Subtitles Tool for Closed Captions harnesses the power of Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, which boasts support for 120 languages, each specified through a BCP-47 identifier tag that pinpoints the language and its associated region/country. With this enhanced feature, operators can instantaneously convert audio into closed caption text, thus ensuring accessibility for a global audience. Furthermore, Etere extends its support to voice-to-text commands, real-time streaming, and the processing of voice commands/audio transcriptions originating from call centres. Additionally, Etere deploys Google’s advanced machine-learning technology to process pre-recorded audio content seamlessly.

  • OCR in Video Images

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is vital in identifying text within digital images. Its primary application involves the recognition of text within scanned documents and images. With OCR technology seamlessly integrated into Etere, users can convert physical paper documents or images into readily accessible electronic versions that contain searchable text.

Contact us today to tailor a media management strategy that aligns perfectly with your business needs and unlocks the full potential of your valuable archive. Monetization and maximizing ROI have never been more accessible.

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