Etere Launched 33.1 with New Features

Etere Launched 33.1 with New Features

Etere Launched 33.1 with New Features

Wed 11, 01 2023

The latest Etere version, 33.1, has been released with enhancements and upgrades.

We are pleased to announce a new release, Etere 33.1, incorporating new features, enhancements, and upgrades developed from customers’ feedback worldwide. We strive to provide you with forward-thinking solutions and outstanding end-user support. As an Etere user with a valid support contract, you will enjoy unlimited access to software upgrades and updates on top of 24/7 global support. Etere goes the extra mile with you.

New features in Etere 33.1 include,X264 Encoding SupportEtere 33.1 will feature x264 encoding capabilities, providing users with greater flexibility and higher-quality encoding for broadcast streaming and recording.Web Editing with Etere MAMEtere MAM now has a new editing feature to allow multiple concurrent users to work on media files remotely from an HTML5 interface, all seamlessly integrated with your media library.

Etere Nunzio Graphics PlayerEtere introduces a brand new Etere Nunzio graphics player that plays content from both live and recorded video, with the option to insert graphics in the playout directly.

Etere Airsales Web with Support for HTML5 Plugins and HTTPSEtere Airsales Web supports HTML5 plugins, the latest HTML release. It also supports HTTPS to ensure the benefits of secure encryption, better performance, and faster speeds. The latest release allows you to access all the features of Etere Airsales from any location and on any smart device with an internet connection.Etere Launches a New Director Interface for Radio-LiveEtere’s new Director Interface on Etere Radio-Live allows you to manage live v64-bitideo streaming for radio easily. The Director Interface is a digital studio to control every aspect of your production in real time.

Etere Media Manager, Ingest and Scheduled Ingest is now available on 64-bitsEtere Media Manager, Ingest and Scheduled Ingest are released as 64-bits applications with microservices architecture. With Microservices, developers have greater flexibility with the testing and deployment of software updates. This allows very fast deployment of new features as well as very reliable deliveries of large and complex applications.

Benefits of 64-bits in Etere include-Increased Capacity – Allows the utilization of a larger capacity RAM-Enhanced program performance – Faster data speeds-Easy software maintenance, organization, and modificationOur support team is ready to support you. If you have questions about the new features, please get in touch with us at

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