Etere Launches a Faster Data Mover

Etere Launches a Faster Data Mover

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Etere Launches a Faster Data Mover

Thu 16, 03 2023

Etere releases a new 64-bits Data Mover application for faster performance and enhanced security. This is a free upgrade for Etere users on a support contract.

Etere launches an all-new 64 bits Data Mover application for enhanced security and performance. When launched, the data mover application stays as a service for an extra layer of security. Additionally, with a 64-bit system, you can access up to 264 memory RAM, resulting in faster performance. Users can access Etere data mover on any web browser and manage it from anywhere. All that is needed is a secured login with your Etere credentials.

Etere remains committed to its research and development and releases new software several times yearly. Etere keeps your system ready for future demands in the industry.

About Etere Data Mover

Etere Data Mover manages digital content transfers, copies, and movements from one level to another based on customizable workflow rules.

Etere Data Mover is an all-in-one solution with features including:

  • Multi-Device connection
  • System fault tolerance
  • Multi-media library management
  • Low-Res Video Transcoding
  • Proactive cache management
  • Scheduling / MAM Prefetch
  • Newsroom integration
  • Watch folder management
  • Distributed processing with the use of an independent agent per data transfer
  • Copy video files from one video server to another, even for files located in different remote locations
  • Based on configurable workflows
  • Concurrent processing for simultaneous performance of different instances of a single data transfer
  • Works with Etere Transcoder to convert bit rates, provide encoding and decoding between media formats, change video resolutions to meet lower-resolution screens
  • Set custom rules for automatic file naming
  • Easy insertion of closed captions, including CEA 608 and CEA 708
  • Supports Microservices
  • Supports insertion of multi-layer graphics and webGL graphics
  • Custom rules for auto file naming
  • Supports Microservices

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