Etere MAM Chosen for Fondazione F.S.

Etere MAM Chosen for Fondazione F.S.

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Etere MAM Chosen for Fondazione F.S.

Fri 25, 08 2023

With an appreciation of Etere’s streamlined and efficient management of media assets, O.M.S. Ferroviaria S.r.l. Selects Etere MAM for their project with Fondazione F.S.

O.M.S. Ferroviaria S.r.l. is an Italian company in Toscany that manages the media and entertainment systems of the local railway network. It announces the implementation of the Etere Ecosystem to streamline workflows and enhance operational efficiency.

In the train carriages of the local railway network, personal entertainment systems are available for each passenger. The entertainment units run a playlist of destination videos showing information about the location the train is traveling to. These destination videos can be downloaded and played on the train system even without an internet connection on the train routes. After several evaluations, Etere was commissioned by O.M.S. Ferroviaria S.r.l. to design workflows, manage the media assets, set up the customized GUI, and integrate the existing data with a centralized database. Etere is the preferred choice to manage the company’s media library.

At the heart of the project, the Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) orchestrates workflows across the end-to-end media cycle of ingesting, indexing, storing, and retrieving digital assets. Etere MAM is recognized for its results-driven and cost-efficient capabilities, including:

  • Smart Content ManagementIntuitive interface for media library management and metadata tagging for easy maintenance of the video library
  • Automated detection and processing of new content assets
  • Accurate and fast content retrievals with full-text search
  • Metadata flexibility: Enables metadata exploration, creation, and edits
  • Automatic file naming with customizable metadata relationships and organization
  • Features easy archiving, duplication, viewing, and extraction capabilities that adapt to fast-paced environments
  • Manage multi-language content
  • Content rights structure to protect intellectual property, including digital watermarking
  • User authentication that is integrative with Active Directory, allowing multiple levels of access rights according to user and team roles
  • Complete access to the media library on any internet browser using Etere Web for real-time content search, retrieval, browsing, and editing
  • Workflow designer: Etere T-Workflow allows automated workflows to be customized. It features a workflow designer with a simple and fully personalized interface to create or modify distinct broadcasting procedures without the input of the Etere support team. The user-friendly software tool allows media management rules to be configured. In addition, the visual design tool shows how modules interact with one another to execute the broadcasting process
  • Etere MAM is accessible on both a web interface and a Windows PC application, making it an ideal choice for connecting distributed teams and improving team collaboration
  • Etere’s efficient load-balancing capabilities ensure fault-tolerant and exceptional performanceThe project also integrates,
  • Etere QC, which performs automated quality checks of files in the media library. It features scalable speeds from 3X to 50X and automatically detects audio/video issues, including black frames, audio silence, and freeze frames.
  • Etere Resource Management enhances operational efficiency by integrating video, processes, and resource management. It features real-time monitoring and optimizes the use of resources.
  • Etere Transcoder is an integral part of the Etere Ecosystem solution. It provides a configurable workflow to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, and filter almost any media file. The Etere transcoder can also perform frame rate conversions between different video standards
  • Etere Ingest is an all-inclusive software with manual, scheduled, and automatic ingest features. Based on user-defined workflows, Etere Ingest can capture in real-time SD/HD media from virtually any video source, broadcast stream, FTP, and IP stream.
  • Etere DiskLibrary is an effective and cost-efficient alternative to LTO and ODA libraries. Etere offers the best flexibility and interoperability in the market, allowing users to use any archive enclosure without limitations. Users are also able to mix hardware from different vendors. Etere is compatible with JBODS and MAID, thus ensuring a smaller footprint and better performance. Etere allows users to use any NAS or SAN storage with one volume and unlimited capacity.With the implementation of Etere, O.M.S. Ferroviaria S.r.l. can fully optimize the value of their media assets and enhance operational efficiency. Etere streamlines the digital media workflow and empowers users to work more efficiently. Designed for exceptional performance, Etere Ecosystem empowers O.M.S. Ferroviaria S.r.l. with all the features they need to reach the next level of efficiency and stay on top of their content management needs even as it evolve in the future.

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