Etere MAM Enhances Media Library Search with AI and Facial Recognition Technology

Etere MAM Enhances Media Library Search with AI and Facial Recognition Technology

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Etere MAM Enhances Media Library Search with AI and Facial Recognition Technology

Thu 29, 06 2023

With the all-new AI powered facial recognition, Etere MAM allows automatic metadata indexing.

Etere MAM expands its search parameters to include facial recognition, bringing a new efficiency level. For example, users can launch a search based on an artist’s profile image in personal data. This new facial recognition license is available as an add-on purchase for all Etere MAM users, and the number of licenses needed is according to the number of files you need to scan concurrently. It is available as an on-premise solution and does not require additional hardware to run.

Etere Drives the Next-Gen of Media Management Based on AI-Technology

The new AI-driven technology uses facial recognition to analyze individual scenes in the media library and produce a list of matches in seconds. The advanced facial recognition technology works even for media files with low lighting and obscure angles. The technology gives users greater control over a very large media library. Furthermore, it makes it easier for broadcasters to search for and repurpose media files to create better content for their audiences. The new integration expands the list of smart features available in Etere MAM, including those that allow users to automate tasks, gain insights, and improve operational efficiency and media quality.

Etere Media Asset Management

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) is a highly-effective digital content management solution designed specifically to streamline the process of ingesting, indexing, storing, and retrieval of digital assets.

  • Complete modular solutions that can manage the end-to-end media lifecycle, including ingest, transcoding, content retrieval, metadata association, and asset distribution
  • Automated content processing that can detect new content assets
  • Automated Ingest followed by effective and integrated QC workflows
  • Connects to Wowza for live and VOD content
  • Editing from Web Browsers
  • Generation of multiformat, multipurpose files for delivery to multiple platforms
  • Connects with Etere Browsing to support the streaming of VC-1 codecs
  • Rights structure to protect intellectual property, including digital watermarking
  • Etere Nunzio Newsroom integration for real-time access to media content (MOS compliant)
  • Etere HSM integration to transfer files between near-line, libraries, and playout servers
  • Compliant with FFV1 Format
  • Complete VOD management, including metadata creation for VOD, automated QC and transcoding processes, delivery of video, images, and trailers to streaming platforms, MD5 checksum capabilities to preserve data integrity after file movements and management of asset versioning with automatic hierarchical assets structure that makes it easy to retrieve, share and distribute content
  • Manages Multi-Language Content

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