Etere MAM is an Intelligent Asset Management System in a Hybrid World

Etere MAM is an Intelligent Asset Management System in a Hybrid World

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Etere MAM is an Intelligent Asset Management System in a Hybrid World

Thu 29, 06 2023

Etere MAM is a smart tool to manage your traditional video archive on-premises and the new archive on the cloud with an intuitive and intelligent interface. Etere provides the best software tools to optimize your media library and unlock your content’s value.

Media organizations today face increasing pressure to deliver great content at faster speeds. Beyond driving operational efficiency, Etere helps companies to optimize their media library and unlock content monetization opportunities.

When there is untapped potential in your media library, you need a cost-effective way to repurpose and reuse archived content. This process has to be both cost-effective and sustainable in the long run. For example, the media library must be highly accessible, allowing users to retrieve the content needed without delay.


A Pre-evaluation Checklist

  • Is your asset retrieval process lengthy and labor-intensive?
  • Is your system maintenance labor-intensive and costly?
  • Is your user interface easily accessible to both on-site and remote users?
  • Is your tape library outdated?
  • Are your workflows and processes well-documented?
  • Do you rely a lot on manual processes?
  • How efficient is your approval process?

How Intelligent is your Content Library?

Before determining how intelligent your content library is, there are a few questions to ask, including,

  • Can it manage complex migrations?
  • How accessible are your assets?
  • Can teams collaborate effortlessly on projects?
  • Does automation and AI capabilities reduce the time and effort required to process your workflows?
  • Fault-tolerance: Does your system has a distributed architecture for fault-tolerance?

Why Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) is a Solution that Gives you a Better Result

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) is a highly efficient MAM designed to streamline digital asset ingesting, indexing, storage, and retrievals. Here are some reasons why Etere empowers you with a results-driven media strategy to optimize your media.

  • Centralized Database with Real-Time Updates: This allows the system and its data to be accessible from anywhere, even by remote team members, increasing collaboration and efficiency. It also enables content owners to easily search for content, update metadata, and trigger workflows. All changes are saved in the centralized database and can be viewed by all team members as long as they have the correct access rights. Media organizations today face increasing pressure to deliver great content at faster speeds. Beyond driving operational efficiency, Etere helps companies to optimize their media library and unlock content monetization opportunities.


  • Etere can support all your storage policies or even a hybrid of archive technologies. Etere HSM manages all archives in a single integrated environment, supporting a mix of proprietary and industry file systems, including Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage, Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) storage, Disk Archive, Object Storage and Cloud Storage, with a single interface that provides all information on archives located on-site as well as across multiple geographic locations.


  • Bridges the cloud divide with the hybrid: Etere supports a hybrid cloud comprising a combination of different cloud computing resources.


Etere Supports Cloud-Native Architectures: Etere’s support for cloud-native architecture provides many advantages for companies including,

  • Scalability: Companies can scale their storage volume by tier and on the fly. There is a low cost of entry as you only pay for the storage that you are currently using with the option to upgrade easily.
  • Distributed architecture: Manage multiple storage pools, on-premises and/or in the cloud.
  • Flexibility: Companies can run multiple projects simultaneously and scale back when they are not needed


  • Seamless integration with NLE: Etere MAM integrates seamlessly with all commonly used NLE systems, including Adobe Premiere Pro. Collaborators and editors can view their assigned tasks and assets directly in the NLE environment. In addition, they can upload assets in rundown stories just before playout. Etere MAM bridges the gap between video production, post-production, and content delivery environments. It also makes it easy to repurpose content.


  • Workflow Orchestration: Etere MAM orchestrates workflows effortlessly and simplifies complex tasks across the complete media workflow. Based on editable rules, Etere automates manual tasks and makes intelligent decisions based on technical and editorial metadata to streamline the day-to-day workflows.


  • Fast and accurate content retrieval with full-text search: With its fast and precise full-text content retrievals, users can quickly search for the content they need. Additionally, users can manage a complete range of files, including projects, image sequences, videos, and more.


  • Web integration for remote users and smart working on the move: Etere Web allows you to stay connected and drive your business no matter where you are. With a secured login on any web browser, you can manage your workflows anywhere.


  • As part of Etere Ecosystem, Etere MAM connects to the rest of your workflows, and you can access your archive from the same interface.


  • Etere simplifies complex migrations: Etere MAM is protocol independent and supports various protocols, including FTP/FTPS/UDP/HTTP/NFS/NTFS. Etere removes the layers of complexity associated with file movements and provides greater freedom to users, allowing them to be more agile in managing changing business requirements.


  • AI and intelligent content management: Etere MAM features automation tools with user-defined rules that significantly reduce manual tasks and bring cost savings, higher accuracies, and efficiencies.


  • Security and content protection: MD5 checksum capabilities to preserve data integrity after file movements and management of asset versioning


  • Multi-language content: Etere supports multi-language content and metadata. It allows users to insert the correct metadata to enhance content discovery for users in the target market. Besides content localization, multi-language support also helps media distributors expand advertising opportunities in their target markets.


  • Fast File Transfers: Etere MAM ensures fast file transfer regardless of file size or format, thus promoting better collaborations among teams, even in distributed environments. It integrates UDP delivery formats other than standard FTP/SFTP/HTTP/HTTPS/NFS


  • Customizable User Rights Management: Etere MAM allows users to define transfer and authorization settings by the user or user groups. User access controls, IT administration settings, and administrator privilege levels can be fully customized according to requirements, including real-time tracking, auditing of transfers, and setup of IP-based user permissions


  • Dynamically scalable: Etere is entirely scalable, which empowers companies with the competitive advantage to scale to meet short-term and long-term business requirements.


  • Workflow customizations: Etere T-Workflow Orchestration establishes a simple, fully personalized, and reliable way to create or modify distinct broadcasting procedures.


  • Supports virtualized infrastructure: With Etere’s support for virtual machines, you can have a cost-efficient setup with up to 50% savings in hardware and maintenance costs


  • Fault-Tolerant Performance: Etere’s distributed architecture allows for a fault-resilient performance


  • Smart data to optimize performance: Etere MAM features intelligent automation tools that provide business insights and data to optimize performance. Etere features innovative automation tools that provide business insights and data to optimize performance and improve efficiency. For example, the Etere dashboard shows audience data and updates the complete system in real-time to reflect changes made in one part of the system. The business insights and visibility allow key stakeholders to optimize performance and leverage content monetization opportunities in different markets and across multiple platforms.


  • Etere features automated content processing that detect new assets once these are available. Once assets are detected, the system runs automated ingest followed by content quality check workflows.


  • Generation of multiformat, multipurpose files for delivery to multiple platforms. Etere integrates Etere Transcoder in its solution for unlimited transcoding capabilities. Etere Transcoder is an encoding solution for file-based workflows, it is a transcoder that is able to provide all major format conversions required in production, post-production, broadcast, and distribution environments.


  • Etere MAM connects with Etere Proxy Browsing to support the streaming of VC-1 codecs. With Etere, any clip can be searched, browsed, selected, and edited with all related secondary events.


  • Content rights structure to protect intellectual property, including digital watermarking


  • Etere Nunzio Newsroom integration for real-time access to media content (MOS compliant)


  • Compliant with FFV1 Format: Etere is compatible with FFV1 format, a lossless video codec featuring compression ratios comparable to JPEG 2000 lossless and lower computing requirements, making it ideal for archiving.


  • Besides content management, Etere also features a central job repository that allows you to easily manage previews, approvals, asset data management, subtitling, ingesting, and dubbing. Creating tasks and approving them can also be automated and customized via workflows.


  • Complete VOD management: including metadata creation for VOD, automated QC and transcoding processes, delivery of video, images, and trailers to streaming platforms, MD5 checksum capabilities to preserve data integrity after file movements, and management of asset versioning with automatic hierarchical assets structure that makes it easy to retrieve, share and distribute content.


  • Connects to Wowza for live and VOD content: Etere provides greater flexibility with its support for Wowza as a streaming system. Etere MAM can connect to Wowza for live and VOD content, opening up options for targeted advertising.


  • Customizable Reports: Etere allows you to customize the reports you need for the best business insights and audience data to optimize your performance.


  • Unlock the True Potential of your Content Library with Etere With intelligent automation tools and workflow orchestration in a single product, you can enjoy better cost-efficiency and higher productivity across all departments. Besides that, Etere is an intelligent MAM that allows media organizations to optimize their high-value content and unlock new content monetization opportunities.

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