Etere MAM is Compatible with Ross Newsroom Inception

Etere MAM is Compatible with Ross Newsroom Inception

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Etere MAM is Compatible with Ross Newsroom Inception

Fri 05, 01 2024

Etere rolls out a new integration that connects Etere MAM with Ross Newsroom Inception, resulting in an all-encompassing solution that revolutionizes news production.

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) empowers users to send assets directly from the Etere database to the Ross Newsroom as MOS objects. This streamlined process eliminates the need for constantly switching between screens, allowing users to preview files and search segments and virtual assets seamlessly. This collaborative synergy ensures the smooth data flow between both systems and significantly reduces content delivery delays, all made possible through our valued partnership with Ross Video.

Etere Media Asset Management is a highly effective media content management software designed to revolutionise the intricate phases of content handling: ingesting, indexing, storing, and retrieving digital assets. Etere MAM simplifies the management of digital media files, production workflows, and distribution channels. The heart of this system lies in its central database, which accelerates content delivery, streamlines content administration, and ensures fast, frame-accurate content distribution.

Etere’s scalability, accommodating unlimited users, makes it a versatile choice for businesses of any size. Implementing MAM brings operational efficiency and an unparalleled return on investment for your digital media.

Here are some of the key features of Etere Media Asset Management:

  • Complete Modular Solutions: Etere manages the entire media lifecycle, from ingest and transcoding to content retrieval, metadata association, and asset distribution
  • Automated Content Processing: Etere MAM can detect new content assets automatically, streamlining your workflow
  • Efficient Ingest with Integrated QC Workflows: Etere offers automated ingest processes coupled with effective quality control workflows and MD5 checksums to deliver the highest content quality
  • Multiformat, Multipurpose File Generation: Create versatile files compatible with multiple platforms, enhancing content accessibility
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance: Etere MAM is built for reliability and continuity, minimising downtime
  • Multi-Language Content Management: Easily manage content in various languages, expanding your reach
  • NLE Editing Integration: Seamlessly integrate with popular NLE editing software like Adobe Premiere and Blackmagic DaVinci
  • User Rights Integration: Etere MAM offers seamless integration with Etere User Rights, enhancing security and access control

For additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are ready to help you leverage the full potential of the Etere Ecosystem for your media content needs.

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