Etere MAM is the Only Native Object Oriented MAM

Etere MAM is the Only Native Object Oriented MAM

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Etere MAM is the Only Native Object Oriented MAM

Thu 29, 06 2023

Forget tedious UNC paths and geographical storage. Etere MAM is an object storage native system that convert any storage in Object Archive.

Identifying and integrating an effective and cost-efficient way to store unstructured data can be an uphill task. With content being distributed and monetized across multiple channels, effective Media Asset Management with Native Object Store (NOS) is essential. NOS enables Business Analysts, System Administrators, and Database Administrators to perform read-only searches and query CSV, JSON, and Parquet format datasets on external S3-compatible object storage platforms using standard Teradata SQL and APIs.

Etere MAM allows you to use any storage; it can integrate and connect with various technical formats, for example, the NOS. Now, you can manage and monetize your content from the same interface to any location. Etere provides the technology and software tools to work more efficiently.


In addition, Etere is an object storage native that allows you to create your object archive using any technology. Etere offers a superior user experience with an objective approach to any storage. With Etere, you have only object references; there is no complexity. Etere provides a better way of managing your media assets, with lower costs and better efficiency.


Etere Media Asset Management

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) is a fully scalable and flexible software that helps you to manage video and multimedia files more effectively. Etere MAM goes beyond the traditional file movement technology to give you a competitive edge, enhanced security, and higher cost efficiency when sending and sharing files anywhere in the world. In addition, Etere’s customizable automated workflows help you to accomplish tasks with maximum accuracy and minimum effort. The effective implementation of Etere MAM increases operational efficiency and maximizes the return on investment of digital media.

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