Etere Powers DoxTV Slovenia

Etere Powers DoxTV Slovenia

Etere Powers DoxTV Slovenia

Fri 10, 03 2023

DoxTV Slovenia selects Etere for its capability to manage demanding workflows with flexibility and reliability.

DoxTV in Slovenia launched a new channel with Etere after a successful project roll-out last year for Dox Serbia and Dox Croatia. The new channel runs on Etere ETX Channel-in-a-Box software and includes the playout of Slovenian subtitles to cater to the local market.

The project’s success showcases the Etere Ecosystem’s unrivaled cost-efficiency and flexibility. At Etere, we design solutions to meet not only the needs of broadcasters today but also their vision for the future. Besides managing the playout, Etere BMS enables operators to manage the content rights and broadcasting contracts of DoxTV on a centralized dashboard. Additionally, Etere equips the broadcaster with Etere Memory, a compliance logger software to meet compliance laws in Slovenia.

The project includes the following Etere modules:

Etere ETX

  • Complete channel in a box with full IP/NDI/SDI (in and out) for multiple frame rates
  • Multi-resolution support of 4K, HD, and SD
  • Closed caption/Subtitling insertion
  • Master Panel with the fastest response
  • Full redundancy for a fault-resilient performance
  • Seamless Virtualisation and Cloud-ready
  • Integration with Etere ETX-M Multiviewer for the monitoring of unlimited video sources on a single interface
  • One of the fastest transfers on the market
  • Advanced graphics engine enables insertion of up to 8 layers of graphics overlays
  • Cost-efficient and easy to maintain
  • With Etere Master Control, you can manage up to 6 TV Channels concurrently
  • Integrates with Etere SNMP Console for centralized system monitoring

Etere Broadcast Management System (BMS)

  • Create, quickly access, and search for purchase orders on a centralized interface
  • Gain access to your media library, including reruns
  • Have streamlined management of series and movies
  • Quick access to content rights information, including validity, expiry, and the days the asset can be scheduled
  • View financial information, including how much your views are worth and how much your assets cost, with a click of a button
  • Manage changes to single or multiple assets easily
  • Get a clear overview of multiple channels to optimize resources
  • Allows you to strategize and plan promos for the best returns on investments
  • Fast and accurate scheduling of programs with the capability to make adjustments easily
  • Select scheduling rules and assign scheduling slots
  • Audience and revenue reports
  • Plan your VOD calendar in advance

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM)

  • Complete modular solutions that can manage the end-to-end media lifecycle, including ingest, transcoding, content retrieval, metadata association, and asset distribution
  • Automated content processing that can detect new content assets
  • Automated Ingest followed by practical and integrated QC workflows
  • Connect to Wowza for live and VOD content
  • Generation of multiformat, multipurpose files for delivery to multiple platforms
  • Automated content quality check
  • Automated transfers, copies, and movements of digital content via workflow
  • Decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, and filter any media file
  • Distributed architecture supports multiple data mover actions

Etere F90

  • Provides a more efficient connection between two different systems
  • Fully automated and paperless data flow
  • Ensures the accuracy of information during the import and export process
  • Fully automated and paperless data flow
  • Overview of changes performed and waiting to be approved
  • Update the accounting system and provide information through a web-integrated interface

Etere STman

  • Real-time management of secondary objects associated with scheduled events
  • Manage multiple graphics for a single primary event
  • Real-time software that can manage even last-minute changes
  • Manage an unlimited number of secondary events
  • Insert graphical elements, including logos, crawls, subtitles, channel branding, etc
  • Insert device commands, including script, hex pass-through, channel switch, etc

Etere Memory

  • Compliance logger that complies with all the TV regulatory requirements
  • HTML5 player for web/desktop browsing and H264 (MPEG-4) compatibility
  • Live clipping for OTT and social media
  • HTTP, UDP, RTSP & RTMP streaming to the flash media server and Wowza Media Server
  • Integration with loudness check and preview with Etere Audience
  • Unlimited clients/recordings, multiple viewings, and editing
  • Streaming out of content for remote control of video
  • Integration with loudness check and preview with Etere Audience
  • Supports insertion of logos and timecodes, supports annotation on the video

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