Etere Releases Version 34.01

Etere Releases Version 34.01

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Etere Releases Version 34.01

Fri 05, 01 2024

You are introducing Etere Version 34.01 — a groundbreaking release packed with innovative enhancements and advanced features. This update is meticulously designed to optimize your system, ensuring peak performance and empowering you with the tools needed to stay ahead in today’s dynamic media landscape.

We are pleased to announce a new release, Version 33.3, integrating new features, enhancements and fixes. At Etere, we understand that staying ahead means continuous improvement. Our after-sales service sets the gold standard in the industry, featuring 24/7 global support and complimentary software upgrades and updates, ensuring your journey with our solutions is nothing short of exceptional.

As part of a free software release, Etere users on a support contract can access new features on Version 34.01, including (but not limited to):

Experience the enhanced Airsales on the web interface, now equipped with an advanced commercial event log option. Stay in control and seamlessly track crucial commercial events with this innovative addition, providing an intuitive and comprehensive tool to manage and analyze your operations.

  • Search Segments by Artist

The enhanced media library now introduces a feature that allows users to search within segments based on the artist’s name. The targeted approach makes locating and managing content associated with specific artists effortless.

  • Search by Artists – Face Recognition

Etere MAM expands its search parameters to include facial recognition, bringing a new efficiency level. For example, users can launch a search based on an artist’s profile image in personal data.

  • Interface Web for Cut Editing

With Etere 34.01, you can select video files from the Etere System, cut them and merge them into a single file. This advanced feature simplifies your editing process and grants you the creative freedom to craft a seamless narrative. Whether assembling clips or refining content, Etere ensures a dynamic and user-friendly experience.

  • Video Search Powered by A.I.

Metadata is essential to find the video you need, especially in the newsroom. Etere enables different types of automatic metadata tagging, including Face Recognition, Speech-to-text and OCR in video images. Etere goes beyond video management, providing the best technology to ensure every piece of metadata enhances your ability to locate, curate, and utilize video resources with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

  • Create a Report for SNMP Traps

Unlocking a new dimension of user functionality, Etere now empowers users to generate and print detailed reports for SNMP traps. Seamlessly navigate the process of creating comprehensive reports, providing invaluable insights into network performance and system events.

  • Web Automation Remote Panel

Etere offers a new level of customization within the Automation Remote Panel with Etere’s latest update. Users can now tailor the widgets according to their preferences. Whether minimizing one section or maximizing another for higher-priority tasks, this feature offers operators unparalleled flexibility to optimize their workflow.

  • Genre and Sub-genre Editing

Be empowered with better creative control with our latest update! Users can now effortlessly add and edit sub-genres within the broader genre categories. This enhancement provides a more tailored level of customization, allowing you to tune your content metadata finely.

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