Georgian Public Broadcasting Renews its Confidence in Etere with an Update to Etere 34

Georgian Public Broadcasting Renews its Confidence in Etere with an Update to Etere 34

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Georgian Public Broadcasting Renews its Confidence in Etere with an Update to Etere 34

Fri 02, 02 2024

Like every Etere customer, Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB), the National public broadcaster of Georgia, is delighted to upgrade to Etere 34.

As a satisfied user of Etere, Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) renews its confidence in Etere with an upgrade to the latest Etere 34. GPB is Georgia’s national public broadcaster. GPB selected Etere Ecosystem in 2020 to manage its three channels’ automated broadcasting, planning, playout, and media assets. This year, GPB upgrades to Etere 34 to leverage the benefits of the new features and to optimise the performance of their system.

Etere’s Commitment to Research and Development

With a quick and easy software download, you can ensure your Etere system is always ready to run with the latest features. Our after-sales service sets the gold standard in the industry, featuring 24/7 global support and complimentary software upgrades and updates. We ensure your journey with Etere is nothing short of exceptional. Furthermore, the experienced Etere team dives deep into its research to integrate the most relevant and innovative technology in its software updates. Etere releases regular software updates and upgrades, keeping its systems at the forefront of technology. At Etere, we understand that staying ahead means continuous improvement.

Key Features of Etere 34 include:

Search Segments by Artist

The enhanced media library now introduces a feature that allows users to search within segments based on the artist’s name. The targeted approach makes locating and managing content associated with specific artists effortless.


Search by Artists – Face Recognition

Etere MAM expands its search parameters to include facial recognition, bringing a new efficiency level. For example, users can launch a search based on an artist’s profile image in personal data.

Interface Web for Cut Editing

With Etere 34.01, you can select video files from the Etere System, cut them and merge them into a single file. This advanced feature simplifies your editing process and grants you the creative freedom to craft a seamless narrative. Whether assembling clips or refining content, Etere ensures a dynamic and user-friendly experience.

Video Search Powered by A.I.

Metadata is essential to find the video you need, especially in the newsroom. Etere enables different types of automatic metadata tagging, including Face Recognition, Speech-to-text and OCR in video images. Etere goes beyond video management, providing the best technology to ensure every piece of metadata enhances your ability to locate, curate, and utilise video resources with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

Please contact us for a personalised consultation and to discover how Etere Ecosystem can help you achieve better efficiencies in your media and broadcast workflows.

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