Hitomi demonstrates gold standard for lip-sync and latency at NAB 2024

Hitomi demonstrates gold standard for lip-sync and latency at NAB 2024

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Hitomi demonstrates gold standard for lip-sync and latency at NAB 2024

Thu 29, 02 2024

Hitomi Broadcast, the market leader in audio/video alignment and latency tools, will be showcasing its solutions live at NAB 2024. The event is set to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 14 to 17, with Hitomi stationed at booth SL5080. This demonstration will highlight how effortlessly latency and lip-sync challenges can be addressed using Hitomi’s MatchBox solution, which is recognized as the gold standard in the industry.

With the increasing richness of television coverage for live events such as sports and the shift towards remote production for even major broadcasts, there’s a critical need for a straightforward, reliable, and highly accurate method to measure differential latencies between multiple video and audio sources. Lip-sync alignment, particularly challenging when audio leads video—a scenario incongruent with real-life experiences—is made significantly simpler with Hitomi’s technology.

The core of Hitomi’s offering is MatchBox, complemented by the MatchBox Glass app. This innovative approach involves a camera assistant holding an iPhone in front of a camera lens, allowing audio and video test patterns to traverse the entire production chain. These patterns are then measured and aligned at the final control point, streamlining the synchronization process to mere seconds.

Russell Johnson, Director at Hitomi, emphasizes the importance of addressing fundamental production challenges such as lip-sync errors, which can greatly distract viewers. As productions grow in complexity and the number of sources increases, Hitomi continues to refine its products to ensure easier achievement of minimal latency and precise audio/visual alignment.

In response to the escalating need for scalable solutions, Hitomi is developing a software alternative to its hardware analyzer. This innovation aims to provide a scalable solution for monitoring multiple channels without the necessity for equivalent hardware analyzers.

Visitors to NAB 2024 are invited to explore Hitomi’s latest advancements at booth SL5080, located in the UK Pavilion in the Lower South Hall. For additional information about Hitomi and its range of products, visit hitomi.tv.

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