IABM announces BaM Awards® winners at NAB Show 2023

IABM announces BaM Awards® winners at NAB Show 2023

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IABM announces BaM Awards® winners at NAB Show 2023

Tue 18, 04 2023

Innovation powering transformation across every segment of the BaM Content Chain® 

The winners of IABM’s BaM Awards® were announced at IABM’s BaM Awards® party on 17 April at NAB Show 2023. The BaM Awards® celebrate outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. The winners, across nine categories described by the BaM Content Chain®: from Creator to Consumer, as well as a tenth category recognizing an outstanding project, collaboration or event, were selected from an initial 150 entries.  

The judging was carried out by a panel of 40 non-affiliated, expert judges, each with specialist expertise in one or more of the awards categories. Final selections were made after visits by the judges to view the shortlisted entries on the applicants’ stands at NAB Show 2023.  

Stan Moote, CTO at IABM, who chaired the judging panel said, “Our industry continues to innovate at a breath-taking pace despite the current challenging economic outlook, which is clearly demonstrated in our latest State of MediaTech Report. It is said that difficult times often bring out the very best in people; I think the high quality of all the entries for the 2023 NAB Show edition of the BaM Awards® demonstrates this admirably, and the winners are nothing short of outstanding – powering the transformation that is taking place across every segment of the BaM Content Chain®.” 

 The winners are listed below by category, with the judges’ comments appended. 


Aximmetry Technologies Ltd – Aximmetry 3D Cleanplate feature 

“An intriguing solution to a common problem. Moving a camera to capture a complete virtual green screen takes keying to a new level.” 


Vizrt – Viz Arena 5.1 (powered by Viz AI) 

“Great system. The capability to cope with demanding changing lighting conditions and to make virtual advertising seamless is a powerful combination in today’s sporting coverage. Already proven in some top-notch sports events.” 


qibb – qibb – the integration platform 

“Combining workflows with new AI tools looks very interesting. I rarely hold the edge of the table looking into new tech; this time, I did.” 


Varnish Software – Achieving > 1.3 Tbps throughput on a single server 

“This innovation is a triumph of performance over scale to deliver video to the continually rapidly expanding demand for VOD but, critically, delivers a 66% reduction in the power required. This company hits new marks in performance – and better performance hits every KPI at a broadcaster/streaming service – cost, performance/ user demand and being able to operate sustainable services. Improving in this sector will get attention from many parties – regardless if you are building a CDN or renting their services.” 


Veritone – Veritone Generative AI 

“A practical use of AI that demonstrates the way the AI market is evolving. A great solution leveraging the power of Generative AI in multiple applications/ domains.”   


Accedo – Accedo Xtend suite 

“Facilitating an approach that allows content providers to test potential successful forays into the Metaverse. Making XR content creation and delivery is an important step forward if the goal is to get the broader community involved. The Metaverse has a lot of potential but until it becomes easily deployable at scale, it’s going to be a tough proposition. This effort is one way to make that leap.” 


swXtch.io – cloudswXtch virtual overlay network 

“A well thought-through product – a powerful solution allowing the bridging of 2110 networking to cloud using multicast; great integration and visibility of the network.” 


Hammerspace – Hammerspace 

“Innovation is best proved when it solves a problem that was left languishing by others – in this case a single view on distributed storage. What this really represents is finally getting a grip on years of legacy media, a jumble of metadata, duplication, unused archive, M&A, wasted storage, vendor lock-in – none of which is solved by the performance of your storage or network. This is just as valuable supporting distributed and remote working and workflows; only wish this existed a while back!” 


Touchstream – ISP Insights: Plugging the gap in content delivery monitoring 

“An elegant solution. Good visibility of OTT delivery means better QoE and reduced churn.” 

 Project, collaboration or event 

Marquis – Marquis-accelerated Sony to Avid news production workflow 

“A wonderful use of 5G to further optimize news production; my feeling is this cannot be the only use case of this innovation – having distributed post production able to work on rushes in near-real time to get a quick rough cut that can be seamlessly relinked to the hi-res media seems very useful.” 

 The NAB Show 2023 BaM Awards® winners are automatically shortlisted for IABM’s prestigious Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award®, with the winner announced at the IABM Annual BaM Live™  Event in December 2023.  


 About IABM: 

IABM is the authoritative voice of the broadcast and media technology supply industry worldwide. Its wide range of services to members encompasses market research and intelligence, training, expert representation at standards bodies and broadcasting unions, executive networking opportunities, and preferential purchasing. A presence at every major broadcast tradeshow, IABM also provides a valuable channel for communication among broadcast manufacturers, government, and regulatory bodies. Additional IABM activities include awards programs for innovation and scholarships designed to stimulate the development of the broadcast and electronic media industries on an international basis. For more information, please visit www.theiabm.org. 

IABM Contact:  

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Head of Marketing
Tel: + 44 (0)1684 215359
Email: Rosanne.geyman@theiabm.org
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