LBCI Adds Etere Archive System

LBCI Adds Etere Archive System

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LBCI Adds Etere Archive System

Fri 14, 04 2023

LBCI Adds Etere Archive System

Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) has selected Etere to upgrade its archive system. It is the LBCI’s second installation of Etere and a renewal of its trust in Etere.

Earlier this year, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) chose Etere as its preferred Channel-in-a-Box. After the roll-out of a successful project, LBCI is back with another installation of Etere, this time to manage its archive.

The project includes the following modules:

Etere HSM manages all archives in a single environment. It supports proprietary and industry file systems, including Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage, Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) storage, Disk Archive, Object Storage, and Cloud Storage.

The integrated workflow orchestration helps automate multi-vendor and multiformat file transformations across unlimited storage tiers in a hybrid cloud environment.

In addition, Etere HSM also streamlines metadata interchange between third-party systems. Etere HSM effectively manages an archive of critical data on the performance storage and a backup copy on the secure storage. A disaster recovery copy can also be stored offsite for physical redundancy and to ensure system resilience.

Not only that, Etere HSM uses Windows drivers to interface with hardware; it is compatible with any windows-compatible library or tape drive.

Etere HSM Key Features

·         Supports LTO9

·         Manage high and low resolution copies as well as Master and TX copies

·         Store all metadata along with the video for an increased protection

·         Carry out the backup copy of the database

·         Auto-update the library status of files to prevent last minute issues

·         Optimize space according to cost and reduce expensive media

·         User-friendly interface combined with display of tape content, even for offline tapes

·         Capable of producing multiple copies of the tapes, up to three copies that can be held in the library or off the shelf for increased security

·         Archiving of all the video files and management of both high and low resolution with increased protection

·         Long term archive management; the tape library is used to significantly expand the system capacity to allow permanent storage of data

·         MS Windows based and is able to interface with all library or tape drives that are MS Windows compatible

·         A single view of a multi-library environment; it is able to manage different libraries located in different places as a single logical entity

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) empowers you with the software tools to streamline the process of ingesting, indexing, storage, and retrieval of digital assets and associated metadata.

Etere MAM streamlines the end-to-end content management process, including ingest, transcoding, content retrieval, metadata association, and asset distribution. With Etere MAM, users can easily generate multiformat files for delivery to various media distribution platforms. Etere MAM manages multilanguage content as well.

Furthermore, it features MD5 checksum capabilities to preserve data integrity after file movements and manage asset versioning with an automatic hierarchical assets structure, making retrieving, sharing, and distributing content easy. In addition, Etere MAM’s seamless integration with Etere HSM facilitates an easy file transfer between near-line, libraries, and playout servers.

Etere Proxy Browsing is an integrated browsing solution that allows Etere users to search, browse, select, or edit media clips with related secondary events. Etere integrates internal and external management data for a seamless information flow across all departments.

Users can manage Hires, proxy, and logged video previews from the same interface. Etere also supports multilanguage subtitles, audio tracks, logo and subtitle previews.

Etere Transcoding is a professional transcoding module that automates high-volume transcoding & delivery to any platform. It provides unlimited format conversions in production, post-production, broadcast, and distribution environments. In addition, Etere can be used for frame rate conversions between different video standards. Etere can decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, and filter almost any media used in the broadcast industry.

Etere Broadcast Quality Player is a 4K ready Broadcast Quality Player that offers broadcast quality video/audio monitoring, browsing, and playback combined with QC features, including full-resolution dual-monitor capabilities for an unrivaled experience.

It empowers broadcast and media enterprises with a professional-grade and multi-functional tool to manage browsing challenges in broadcast, production, and content distribution.

Etere Subtitles for Closed Captions provides all the software tools you need to manage the production, approval, and transmission of subtitling and closed captions. Users are able to monitor and verify captions from the centralized dashboard to comply with closed captioning laws across different countries.

Etere supports all formats and frame rates and comes equipped with Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) for effective and efficient management of multilanguage subtitling.

Additionally, the integrated MAM provides effective management of subtitles and targeted advertising.

Please write to for more information.

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